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OSHO International Foundation presents
Osho: I Live Spontaneously
From an interview with Ken Kashiwahara, Good Morning America, ABC Network, USA
Thank you very much for speaking with us tonight.
A number of years ago you adopted a vow of silence.
Recently, you have decided to speak out to your supporters
and then to us here today.
Why have you decided to speak out now?
I live
I never decide
anything beforehand,
I keep
the tomorrow open.
If I feel like speaking, I speak.
If I feel like being silent,
then there is no other way than to be silent.
And I never ask myself why,
because no "why" is answerable.
All answers are arbitrary.
So I simply go on
floating with the river --
never asking where it is going,
why it is going,
where it is going to end.
And this is my basic approach to life,
a total let-go.
Was there a reason that you decided to adopt
the vow of silence in the first place,
or was there also no reason?
There is never any reason,
I don't live by reason.
I simply allow things to happen.
I don't know why I became silent.
I don't know why
I started to speak again,
but I enjoyed being silent
and I'm enjoying being
out of silence again.
I don't know about tomorrow:
I may be silent,
I may be speaking,
I may not be here at all.
You say the whole world is a mess.
What is it that you're trying to create
in man, in the world?
I am simply saying that there is a way to be sane.
I'm saying that you can get rid of all
this insanity, created in you by the past.
Just by being a simple witness of your thought processes.
That's my method of meditation.
It is not a prayer because there is no God to pray to.
It is simply sitting silently,
witnessing the thoughts passing before you.
Just witnessing, not interfering,
not even judging --
because the moment you judge
you have lost the pure witness.
The moment you say "This is good," "this is bad,"
you have already jumped into the thought process.
It takes a little time
to create a gap between the witness
and the mind.
Once the gap is there,
you are in for a great surprise...
that you are not the mind; that you are the witness,
a watcher.
And this process of watching
is the very alchemy of real religion,
because as you become more and more deeply
rooted in witnessing
thoughts start disappearing.
A moment comes, there is no thought at all.
You are,
but the mind is utterly empty.
That's the moment of enlightenment.
That is the moment when you become -- for the first time --
really a free
human being.
If I can, I'd like to get you
to set the record straight
about some of these things that have been said. For example:
It has been written and
people have talked about you as a "free sex guru."
Man is not a monogamous animal at all.
He is polygamous
and everybody knows it.
You may have the most beautiful wife,
that does not mean
you don't get attracted to other women;
that once in a while you don't
dream about other women.
Somebody may have
the best possible husband.
That does not make any change.
Man is, by nature, polygamous.
Monogamy is enforced on him.
Are you saying that man should follow his polygamous instincts?
He should simply follow nature
wherever it leads.
Polygamy is perfectly good.
In fact, there is no need for monogamy or polygamy.
I'm a little further ahead.
I see
the relationship of love or sex
as an absolutely free phenomenon.
For more information, visit: www.osho.com
Featuring "Music From The World of OSHO" Copyright © OSHO International Foundation, Switzerland.
Source: 'The Last Testatment, Vol.1 #1' Copyright © OSHO International Foundation, Switzerland. OSHO ® is a registered TM.
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OSHO: I Live Spontaneously

2086 Folder Collection
trailylee published on September 30, 2015
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