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  • Hello, baby.

  • Anybody else in the house? Nobody. Why?

  • What's that music? A radio up the street.

  • Just like the first time I came here, isn't it?

  • We were talking about automobile insurance.

  • Only you were thinking about murder.

  • I was thinking about that anklet.

  • And what are you thinking about now?

  • I'm all through thinking, baby.

  • I just came to say goodbye. Goodbye?

  • Where are you going? You're the one that's going, baby. Not me.

  • I'm getting off the trolley car right at this corner.

  • Suppose you stop being fancy. Let's have it, whatever it is.

  • All right, I'll tell you. A friend of mine's got a funny theory.

  • He says when two people commit a murder, it's sort of like they're riding...

  • on a trolley car together. One can't get off without the other.

  • They're stuck with each other and they have to go on...

  • riding together clear to the end of the line.

  • And the last stop is the cemetery.

  • Maybe he's got something there. You bet he has.

  • Two people are gonna ride to the end of the line, all right.

  • Only I'm not gonna be one of them. I've got another guy to finish my ride for me.

  • Just who are you talking about? An acquaintance of yours.

  • A Mr. Zachetti.

  • Come on, baby, I just got into this thing...

  • because I happen to know a little something about insurance, didn't I?

  • I was a sucker.

  • I'd have been brushed off just as soon as you got your hands on the money.

  • Nobody wanted to brush you off. Save it. I'm telling this.

  • It's been you and that Zachetti guy all along, hasn't it?

  • That's not true.

  • Doesn't make any difference if it's true or not.

  • The point is, Keyes believes Zachetti is the one he's been looking for.

  • He'll have him in that gas chamber before he knows what's happened to him.

  • What's happening to me all this time? Don't be silly, baby.

  • What do you think is gonna happen to you? You helped him do the murder, didn't you?

  • That's what Keyes thinks.

  • And what's good enough for Keyes is good enough for me.

  • Maybe it's not good enough for me, Walter. Maybe I don't go for the idea.

  • Maybe I'd rather talk.

  • Sometimes people are where they can't talk. Under six feet of dirt, maybe.

  • And if it was you, they'd charge that up to Zachetti, too, wouldn't they?

  • Sure they would, and that's just what's gonna happen, baby.

  • 'Cause he's coming here tonight, in about 15 minutes.

  • With the cops right behind him. It's all taken care of.

  • That would make everything lovely for you, wouldn't it?

  • Right. And it's got to be done before that suit of yours comes to trial...

  • and Lola gets a chance to sound off...

  • before they trip you up on the stand, and you start to go in drag me down with you.

  • Maybe I had Zachetti here so they won't get a chance to trip me up...

  • so we can get the money and be together.

  • That's cute. Say it again. He came here first to ask where Lola was.

Hello, baby.

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Double Indemnity (7/9) Movie CLIP - The End of the Line (1944) HD

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