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♪ (French music) ♪
- (Finebros) So today you're gonna be reacting to this.
- Oh gosh. Sushi.
- Sushi! It's sushi!!!
- I love sushi.
- I had this before. It's tasty.
- I don't really like fish.
- (Finebros) What do you see? - I see rice.
I see guacamole.
- Crab meat and I think that's avocado.
- It's a California roll.
And a California roll is the only kind of sushi I've ever had.
- (Finebros) We have five different kinds of sushi
for you to try today.
- That's gonna be fun.
- Oh my gosh, I know exactly what's gonna happen.
You're gonna show me this sushi,
and then you're gonna bring in some weird-tasting sushi
that no one ever wants to eat.
- Um... um...
You're not gonna give me rolls?
- There's an emoji for this.
- Now, I do not know what this red stuff is,
so that's the only fright that I have.
- Mm. Crescent roll.
- One, two, three.
The only thing good about this is the rice.
- (grunts softly)
(mouth full) I'll chew on this.
Ach! The rice is sticky!
- It tastes like saltwater and chicken.
- Ah... (spits)
Ah-hah-hah! The pain, the pain!
- (Finebros) You just tried maguro, or tuna sushi.
- Ewww. I really don't like tuna.
- (intrigued) Oh, it's tuna fish.
I kinda liked it.
- It doesn't taste like the regular tuna that I eat--
like, the one that's all brown and looks like cat food.
- (Finebros) Okay, here's your next piece.
- Oh, what's that?
People's logic these days, having silver fish.
- That's the skin of the fish. No!
- Slimy. (retches)
Smells bad.
- (disgusted) Oh!
- You know what? I'm done with this, these chopsticks.
I can't really describe it, but it's just really good.
- Oh my gosh. (takes deep breath)
- Eh.
I'm not taking another bite.
- What is this?
- (Finebros) That was a piece of saba, which is mackerel sushi.
- Oh. I've never heard of mackerel before.
- I don't know what a mackerel is.
- Too salty! It's just making a bag of salt chewy.
- Oh, this one has fish eggs.
- This isn't fish. This is eggs.
- I feel like I'm eating Orbeez.
- Is this eyeballs?
(stifled) Water.
- (groans and coughs)
- This is actually really good.
- That tastes disgusting! Ew!
- It tastes really salty.
- Tastes like the worst fish in the whole entire world.
- (Finebros) In Japan, they call this kind of sushi ikura,
which is salmon eggs. - Oh.
(queasily) Oh gosh.
Pretty sure it's evil.
- That's disgusting. I like salmon, but who eats their eggs?
- It's not like any ordinary sushi.
These people have gone creative.
- (Finebros) Ready for your next piece?
- I shall slay the beast!
I shall not slay the beast.
- It looks like raw chicken.
- What is this? Like, octopus?
- Is that a tentacle?
- This is definitely cooked eel.
- This looks like eel.
- (groans quietly)
Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
This tastes disgusting.
- It's cooked fish.
I like that. I liked it.
- Here goes nothing.
Uh... [inaudible].
Yeah. I bet you this is eel.
- Now, this is definitely eel.
- (Finebros) Are you ready to see what you ate?
- Okay.
- Ew!!! Is that an eel?
- These look nothing alike.
- (Finebros) You just tried unagi, which is eel.
- (laughs silently)
I just know this taste 'cause I've eaten eel a lot.
- I ate an eel. I don't think I've ever seen anyone eat an eel.
- How can something look so bad but taste so good?
- (Finebros) Now for the last piece.
- Yeah, that's why I want my eyes closed.
- That's a fish tongue.
I don't want to eat that.
- Of course the final one has to be the most weirdest.
- Ew! It's all gummy and squishy.
- It feels slimy.
Oh, I don't want to try this.
- It just looks weird, and I am not comfortable eating it.
- Why am I doing this? I must be out of my mind!
- (retches)
- (mumbling inquisitively)
(mumbling disapprovingly)
- Mm-mm.
I thought this was actually gonna be good.
- (Finebros) Look at what you ate.
- Aah! What is this?
- (Finebros) It's a sea urchin. - I can't believe I ate this!
- A sea urchin? Really?
- (whispers) Awesome.
- Oh whoa, it moved!
I feel scared.
- How did Ariel ever live with you?
- (Finebros) So which of these do you recommend?
- The cooked eel.
- The mackerel. It's probably the best one.
- Fish eggs.
- Mackerel.
- The tuna one.
It tasted good.
- I recommend none of these.
- The fish eggs one,
because I've already had it, and it was actually pretty good.
If you do like it, high five.
- Thanks for watching us eat raw fish on the React channel.
- What food should we eat next? Tell us in the comments.
- Don't forget to subscribe.
We have tons of new shows every week.
- Konichiwa!
- Bye, guys! I still don't get why people like sushi so much.
♪ (French music ends) ♪
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46578 Folder Collection
Pi-Chien Hu published on October 4, 2015    Annie Liang translated    James reviewed
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