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Hi Everyone, I am Niharika and welcome back. Well Internet has changed the world, therefore
the way we laugh has also changed. Well you know it's very fascinating to see you know
these internet slang or acronyms floating on Facebook, on Twitter and so on. So, in
this lesson today we are gonna look at some internet laughter slang words which are also
called as acronyms, because you must have observed theses string of letters maybe people
use it on Facebook, maybe people also text you, the acronyms and you keep on wondering,
what does this really mean? So yes this lesson is for the people who have no idea what internet
slang words are or what acronyms we end up using in order to express laughter.
Okay so let's get started, the first one is a slang phrase which is ' Crack up' okay so
remember it's a slang phrase and it means to laugh, to laugh too much probably, when
you find something way too hilarious okay or when you have a friend who just makes you
laugh so much , so you can use the phrase ' OH my God you crack me up so much' okay
so Crack up is to make you laugh so yes I am sure we all have friends who are just so
funny and when they crack jokes you really get all cracked up. So that's how you can
use this slang word or slang phrase. Now rest of the words here the string of letter that
you can see are acronyms, so they are internet acronyms , people use to express laughter.
So, the first one, or the first acronym is CTFU which means 'Crack the F**** up' Okay
I hope you got that, so its ' crack the f*** up. So, I am sure you know what this means
, I am not gonna say it but my audience is pretty smart. So its 'Crack the _____ up , okay
so it means to laugh insanely . So when you find something way too funny and you just
wanna laugh and you just wanna express laughter then put it up on Facebook, put it on Twitter
or just text people. Oh my god that was funny CTFU. LOL the most common one , in fact I
realized that LOL now is a part of the dictionary as well, nice! right? So it means that this
word LOL now has a lot of importance in English now, so it means 'Laugh out Loud' so rather
than people laughing people just say LOL that's funny, people have also started using in person,
not just while texting or not just while writing on the internet, people are also saying LOL,
okay or LOLZ. So LOLZ is just to give that plural effect. So it's either LOL thats about
it ( Laugh out out loud) but it can also be LOLZ.... LOLZ maybe it's just too funny and
you wanna give that plural effect to that word then you can type LOLZ, Okay so the letter
Z just makes the word, makes the acronym sound plural.Then the next one HA HA, okay this
is also a very common way of expressing laughter, when you find something very funny then you
say HAHA ... or some people also say HEHE , they not just say , I actually mean they
type or they write , Okay so it's either HAHA or HEHE it is an interjection , so people
remember it's an interjection and like if you find a statement which is pretty funny,
it's quite a humorous statement then you will say HAHA or HEHE, both are correct you can
either say HAHA or HEHE. In fact there are also people who also use HOHO, but HOHOis
like more of excitement you know, it's just not typically laughter but HOHO, Hey! We are
going for a party .. HOHO it's more of excitement . So, it expresses excitement, that's the
interjection and now let's look at the next one which is LMAO, So LMAO is 'Laughing my ass off' okay now either it can be 'Laughing my ass off'
but for British English it's gonna be 'arse' So, ' Laughing my arse off'. So, when when
you find something very very very funny and you just can't stop laughing , you laugh insanely
then it's LMAO. You just like laughing, Oh my God , I am Laughing my ass off okay which
means you are, you found it very very funny and you are like totally crazy laughing on
a joke, okay. The next one IPML, so not very commonly used, but yes it's another acronym
that suggests that you are all cracked up, there's something that you found very funny
but the acronym IPML stands for ' I pissed... I pissed myself laughing' Okay so ' I pissed myself laughing' so it's
just again a very exaggerated way of laughing , so it's kind of indicates that you found
something very funny and you are totally cracked up something extremely hilarious and you can't
stop laughing, so you would say - IPML so maybe you know joked about something between
friends, maybe in a group chat and I post saying IPML so which means 'I pissed myself
laughing' so something which is so funny, maybe in a group chat you posted a picture
which was hilarious, so just to express my laughter, I say - I pissed myself laughing,
okay it means that I laughed too much. Last one ROFL, now this is also very commonly used
ans what it stands for - ' Rolling on the floor laughing' okay, so It's 'Rolling on
the floor laughing' , so something that you found very very funny .... you know at times
not just ... this is not just used to express laughter acronym , to express laughter rather,
you know at times when you find something very funny, you kind of hold on your stomach
and you just fall on the floor laughing hard really hard you know. Something that you found
too funny and you just can't stop laughing, you are giggling then you kind of fall on
the floor and you keep laughing, right? So it can be also expressed in that way, but
yes it's also used as an acronym and just to type in , so it's used as an internet acronym
' Rolling on the floor laughing' so again it indicates that you are all cracked up and
you are laughing too much. So hope these acronyms are useful to you, if you have already been
using them, great. If you are not start using them and if you have no idea what it stood
for then yes, you know , okay. So start using them, I will be back with a new lesson , till
then you take care.
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Learning English - Internet laughter slang words ( Free English Lessons)

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five1412 published on September 24, 2015
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