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  • Hello, Ashe.

  • So, why aren't you farming?

  • Ugh, it's this damn Rengar.

  • He's hiding in the bush there and he won't come out.

  • Don't worry, I got it.

  • Watch this.

  • It's a trick.

  • Don't...

  • Don't...

  • Damn it!

  • Bwah!

  • Err...resist the urge!

  • Charrrge!

  • Taste your own blood!

  • Run...

  • Run you little fuck.

  • Goddamnit!

  • Goddamnit, mother.

  • Why didn't you ult him?

  • I don't get free ults anymore.

  • I was saving it for a team-fight combo.

  • And why didn't you ult him?

  • Well, I didn't because fuck you.

  • Relax guys,

  • he's mine.

  • Wait for me! I'm coming too.

  • no, no, no that's not how it works!

  • That was close,

  • but I think I got away.

  • AHHH!!!

  • No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

  • CC by Gerry

Hello, Ashe.

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