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My dad says I'll have my own room in San Francisco.
And there's hockey and pizza... and lots of great...
Heh heh! Sorry. Brain fart.
Oh no!
Stay calm! It's gonna be okay everybo...
I think I'm gonna be sick!
Sadness, we've got to get Riley's core memories back to headquarters
before we lose any more islands of personality.
Maybe these mind workers know the way back.
They're clearing out old memories.
Can't get rid of this one though!
Sometimes we like to send it up to headquarters just for giggles.
Happy mouth gum will flip your frown
It's funny because it's annoying.
Wait! Did you just send that memory straight up to headquarters?
Um yeah!
Could you do it again?
I don't see why not.
*gasp* A Core Memory!
Quick! Grab it!
Well that sure was easier than forming a human ladder of imaginary boyfriends
and trampolining back up to headquarters!
You can say that again!
Bing Bong?!
Um... are you stealing Riley's memories?
I think that's frowned upon.
It's okay. He's loveable.
Wanna come back to headquarters with us?
*dolphin sounds*
*train whistle*
Hey guys! We all good up here? Great!
I think we learned a valuable lesson today.
That we really need some safety mechanisms to get back to headquarters quickly so this never happens again?
No silly. Never let Sadness near the core memories again.
Now back to your circle, Sadness!
If you say so, Joy.
Hey! This place is nice!
So there we were. Your core memories spilled all over the place.
But Joy and Sadness handled it very well!
What? You didn't know you had little people living in your head?
Oh yeah! They're great!
And it's not as creepy as it sounds!
Hello in there guys!
Oh it's so good catching up with you, Riley!
Oh no!
Did I just blow your mind?
Heh heh heh...
Gotta run!
Don't you...
Forget about, Bing...
He is your imaginary friend who...
helped your emotions...
get back...
memories before the end!
Bing Bong
I love hockey! I love my friends! I love my family!
Bing Bong, I hope things never ever change!
This is all totally normal, right guys?
Um... Joy?
Are you crying?
Yeah. *sniff* Why?
Well... do you think you've got little emotions in your head too?
It's better if you just don't think about that.
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How Inside Out Should Have Ended

75482 Folder Collection
huey published on November 14, 2016    田家銘 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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