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Oh, I can't wait for our date, Mickey. See you at 8:00!
Looking and smelling like never before.
What am I going to wear?
Huh? Nope, too spicy.
Too young.
Oh, too much.
What am I going to wear? What am I going to wear?
What am I going to wear?
A classic.
Now, which one, which one...
Entrancement... Entrancement...
Easy now.
You tend to go a little overboard with these things.
Remember that time in Barbados when you...
Now, I'm ready...
...for more perfume!
All set.
Just in case.
Whoa! Aren't you a fragrant flower?
Ah, delicious!
Phew, everyone's acting so peculiar.
Could it be?
Entrancement... Entrancement...
Uh, excuse me, ma'am, can I give you a ride?
Hey, I smelled her first!
Hey, lady, walk through me.
No no, walk through me.
Through me.
Come on, walk through me.
try me on!
No, try me on!
No, try me on! No, try me!
Try me on! Try me on! Try me! Try me! Try me!
It is the perfume!
Entrancement... Entrancement...
Shoo, shoes!
Aromatic, yeah!
Ack. Pee-yew.
♪ La ♪
Hi, Mickey. How do I look?
You look, and smell...
Like never before?
Oh, you say the sweetest things!
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Eau du Minnie | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shows

17100 Folder Collection
Wenny published on May 21, 2017    Clément translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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