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  • Good job, Pluto!

  • Hey! Whatch'all doin'?

  • Practicing our tricks for the big dog show!

  • Oh, man! Can I play too?

  • Oh, well, we're not really...

  • Get the stick, boy! Get the stick!

  • (SCREAMING) Pluto!

  • I'm sorry, fellers. I know how much this dog show meant to y'all.

  • And the worst part is, we promised if we'd won,

  • we'd give the prize money to the orphanage down the street.

  • (GASPS)

  • Aw, man, them poor little orphans!

  • If only there was somethin' I could do!

  • Gotta make this right somehow.


  • Oh, what a predicament!

  • Ugh!

  • Your dog's name?

  • Goof... Uh, I mean, Pluto!


  • Hmm, just sign here.

  • (HUMMING) Mmm-hmm!

  • (SCREAMS) Bad boy! Down! Down!

  • Sorry! He just gets so excited.

  • And now, the obedience event.




  • ANNOUNCER: Roll over!

  • (WHOOPING) Hey-hey!



  • Oh, baby, please don't be like that!

  • She meant nothin' to me! I can change!

  • (SOBBING) I can change!

  • (GRUNTS)


  • And finally, the obstacle course.

  • Okay, buddy, we got one more chance to turn this thing around.

  • Remember, this is for the orphans!

  • Listen man, I know I was a little off my game before, but I got this.

  • Oh, no...


  • (COUGHS)

  • No, no, no!

  • It was so easy! All you had to do was...

  • This!



  • And this!

  • And this! And this!

  • (BARKS)

  • See?

  • Oh!

  • You!

  • You

  • are magnificent!

  • What poise! What precision! What pageantry!

  • Now that is what I call a dog!



  • Well I'll be dogged!

Good job, Pluto!

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