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Welcome, everyone, to the Hall of Science,
home to the greatest discoveries in scientific history.
Like this one, the shrink ray!
(GASPS) Wow! A shrink ray!
With that, you could explore inner space.
Just think of the amazing things you could discover.
Yeah! What?
Hey, Donald!
Isn't this incredibly interesting?
Imagine being inside a snow flake,
seeing an endless world of atoms.
Witnessing the miracle of molecules!
Or swimming in a cup!
Goofy! The shrink ray, it really worked!
Hey, Donald! Down here! Look at us! It worked.
BOTH: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
MICKEY: This is it, Goofy!
Our very own chance to make the scientific discovery of a lifetime!
Well, what are we waitin' for?
Look! Vocal cords.
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
♪ Baby, don't you know what I'm looking for? ♪
(LAUGHS) Funny bone!
Tickle, tickle.
BOTH: Koo-chi-koo-chi-koo!
What's happening?
We've discovered the lungs!
Now where are we?
We're in Donald's cranial cavity!
DONALD: What the... You guys?
Donald! You wouldn't believe the amazing discoveries we've made in here!
DONALD: So, you're the cause of this!
Now, Donald, no need to get angry.
Oh, no! Brain storm!
Goofy, quick. In there!
You think you can hide in there? I'll show you!
Burp bombs!
Goofy, dive!
Whew. Right about now, all I want to discover is a way out of here.
That ain't right.
Whoa! I think the shrink ray is wearing off.
BOTH: Whoo-hoo!
Astounding! Men from egg? What an astonishing scientific discovery we got!
I'd say this warrants further exploration.
Oh, no, it doesn't!
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Down the Hatch | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

11312 Folder Collection
Wenny published on October 8, 2017    JT translated    林恩立 reviewed
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