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Hello, so I'm about to go for a drive in this Ferrari 458 Speciale, which is heavilly modified. Let's go.
So we're here : Marchettino is in the R8, I'm in the Speciale, let's go!
And there we go
It's beautiful!
- It really is a nice road to have a drive!
- It's the best around
It seems we are a little bit faster than the R8!
It is so fast!
In every gear, there is a lot of power, wow! And those downshifts!
- It's quite a fuc**ing adrenaline rush!
- Oh yeah!
I feel like in a rallye special!
And the upshifts : BANG!
- How do you enjoy it so far?
- Man, totally! I'm kinda shaking!
- I'm fully awake
- I didn't sleep much last night, but I'm so awake!
- Better than any coffee!
People notice you from very far, so the get on the side of the road, that's nice
- Let's play some music
- You have some?
- I've got a V8!
Hello cyclists!
We're being a bit antisocial, right?
So, that's it for this video, I wanna thank a lot the guys at R3 Wheels, Messer Wheels on the R8
And also FLGNTLT, because without them, this wouldn't have happened.
Hope you guys enjoyed the video, be sure to subscribe, and be prepared for the other videos,
Because epicness is coming!
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Driven : Ferrari 458 Speciale w/ Straight Pipes Exhaust - FULL THROTTLE!

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Peter Hung published on September 18, 2015
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