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  • There have been some times, In, that I can I remember as a mixed couple, I've noticed

  • people's reactions, but I think that's more their problem than mine. So if somebody's

  • having a bad day, well they are having a bad day. The only thing I can do is, well usually,

  • if I come across something that I think is, well

  • if it's right in front of me, I'll usually smile at a person, or make conversation. Then

  • you are not an object anymore, you are a person and like

  • Joanne was saying, we all have more in common with people, than we have differences, culturally,

  • or racially. So if you tap into someone's humanity,

  • then usually there is no problem at all, more often than not.

  • As a mixed couple, I have never felt uneasy in public. As a single person I have but not

  • as a couple. And I think where we grow, where we live is

  • a very diverse community so Leanne and I walking around is so in the norm.

  • The things I take for granted as a white English man, even to the extent of marrying Bale,

  • I never really understood the aspects of racism, or discrimination which, I might

  • have experienced, or did experience, on a couple of occasions when I was with the children.

  • And even then I didn't see it as racism, or prejudice I

  • just saw it as something different, that was the level of my understanding, and I was just

  • concentrating on being a good husband, or trying to be a good husband,

  • a good father, and supporting the relationship and not thinking on the level of how it impacts

  • on being in a mixed raced. I think I was very aware that both children

  • would have experienced racism, and I think, certainly Hassa has told me, when she was

  • at school, she certainly did experience racism. She wanted

  • to be like the rest of her friends really.

  • Uhh, just the normal kind of things we've had, you know going to the shops. People being

  • a bit shocked when you walking past an Asian group of people, they seem more embarrassed

  • than we do. We've seen those things, but I think we, initially what we would do is we

  • would be a bit shocked and it would upset us, but over the

  • years I think we have, we almost approach people now, and we will say Hello how are

  • you? We will laugh with them, and if they are not laughing, then

  • we will say, Are you ok? You know we have found a way we know that most, human beings,

  • you know, they want to be accepted, they might be shocked initially, but they respond very

  • well to a welcome and to a kind word.

There have been some times, In, that I can I remember as a mixed couple, I've noticed

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Mixed Families - Community Disapproval - Interracial Relationships

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    Zi Xuan Chen posted on 2015/09/15
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