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  • The first time we met, she propositioned me.

  • She seemed so sure.

  • I was sure.

  • He was so shy and mysterious.

  • Is there something you'd like to tell me?

  • Is something you'd like to know?

  • I'm your wife. I know everything.

  • Could you help me with something?

  • You will not tell anyone about this.

  • Hello there!

  • I'm gonna call you...Lily.

  • I want to sketch you, Lily.

  • We should go out tonight.

  • Give them something different.

  • Lily...

  • You are exquisite!

  • You are different from most girls.

  • I feel like I'd need to ask your permission before I kiss you.

  • Exactly what happened last night?

  • There was a moment when I wasn't me.

  • There was a moment where I was just...Lily

  • But Lily doesn't exist.

  • We were playing a game.

  • Something changed.

  • He's lost his way.

  • He needs a friend.

  • Let me help.

  • I think Lily's thoughts.

  • I dream her dreams.

  • She was always there.

  • I need my husband.

  • I need to hold my husband.

  • Are you alright?

  • No...

  • The fact is I believe that I'm a woman.

  • And I believe it, too.

  • The surgery has never been attempted before.

  • You're my whole life. It could kill you.

  • It's my only hope.

  • This is not my body.

  • I have to let it go.

  • I love you because you are the only person who made sense of me.

  • And made me possible.

The first time we met, she propositioned me.

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