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The bride is to look the best on her wedding day and in order to do so, mehendi is applied
to her feet as well. There are two reasons to this. Firstly the feet are recognized as
a point of divine contact, considered a holy junction, where Human being and Earth meet
and marriage too is considered a union hence henna is applied on the feet. Secondly, a
lot of rituals in Indian marriages involve the feet such as making the bride wear anklet,
toe ring and griha pravesh and in all these rituals, concentration is on the feet
This dulhan mehndi design is an intricate traditional design which is made in strips,
starting from above the ankle and ending at the toe. The peacock motif is used in combination
with checkered patterns
this design.
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Outstanding Bridal Mehndi Designs For Legs That You Must Try

1083 Folder Collection
Saba Singh published on September 10, 2015
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