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Navigating the Unity editor interface is easy.
The core of the interface consists of five main panels.
The Scene View, the Hierarchy, the Game View,
the Project panel and the Inspector panel.
The Scene View is where you'll visually construct your game,
manipulating objects in 2D and 3D.
The Game View is where you will preview your game,
and this becomes active when you hit the play button,
allowing you to play test at any time inside the editor.
The Hierarchy lists all objects in the scene in alphabetical order
and in hierarchical order in order to show parenting,
a way of grouping objects.
The Project panel shows all assets that you are
currently working with, in one place.
Giving you quick access to everything you are building your game with
from scripts to textures, 3D models, video and audio.
The Inspector is a context sensitive panel
that shows the properties of what ever object,
asset or setting panel you've selected.
Click on something new and the Inspector immediately
switches to show properties of that thing.
The play controls allow you to play test the game,
pause and progress frame by frame for more detailed testing.
The tools in the top left allow you to navigate the Scene View
and also manipulate objects visually.
There are also toggles to allow for switching between local and world space
and centre or pivot point based rotation.
The Layers dropdown allows you to quickly
show and hide layers of content in your game.
The Layout dropdown allows you to switch between
differing layouts of the Unity interface.
In the top right of the interface are the layers and layout dropdowns.
This concludes the interface overview.
Continue to watch tutorials to learn more about each individual panel.
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Unity Interface overview - Unity Official Tutorials

2021 Folder Collection
burst published on September 8, 2015
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