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Farting for anything other than comedic purposes is terrible. It literally destroys the ozone.
So, why do we fart?
Well flatulence, which is the classy way to say fart, is your body getting rid of gas.
That gas entered you either by being swallowed, by seeping into your intestines through your
bloodstream, or was caused by bacteria and other chemical reactions in your guts. That’s
why some foods like beans, which despite being good for your heart, make you more fart because
they contain sugars that the bacteria in your intestines thrive on. The more these bacteria
digest the more gas they put out and the more gas you put out.
Farts smell bad because of the amount of sulfur in them. The more sulfur rich foods you eat
the more your farts will stink, so go easy on the cauliflower. Farts make a noise because
that’s the sound of angels getting their wings Just kidding, it’s your anus vibrating.
Faster farts equal louder farts. So slow your roll and keep your sulfur under control.
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Why Do We Fart?

13483 Folder Collection
羅紹桀 published on May 7, 2017    Arnold Hsu translated    Kiara reviewed
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