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Lighting often gets overlooked or left until the last minute.
But good lighting can really make a difference.
There are three kitchen lighting categories:
Task lighting, that lights your work areas-
-mood lighting, that creates a warm atmosphere-
-and general lighting, which lights the whole room.
Cooking is more fun, and safer, when you can see what you're doing.
Worktop lighting can be integrated under the overhead cabinets.
You can include modules with power sockets and USB outlet.
A dimmer creates a soft, cosy atmosphere when your work is done.
If your kitchen has a dining area-
-it's cosy to have one or several hanging lamps over the table.
A dimmer gives you bright light for homework or sewing-
-and softer light for mealtimes.
You can even fit lights in your drawers.
MOOD LIGHTING Mood lighting makes your kitchen a nice place to be-
-and creates a safe, cosy feeling when everyone's gone to bed.
Spotlights inside a cabinet with glass doors and glass shelves-
-creates a soft mood. The light shows off what's inside.
Glass shelves mean that one light can light the whole cabinet.
Lights can be connected to your lighting modules-
-and the cables run behind the wall cabinets.
GENERAL LIGHTING When it comes to general lighting, start with glare free ceiling lamps.
A dimmer lets you see the whole room when you're cleaning-
-and creates a soft, inviting atmosphere.
Place the switch close to the door.
The type of lighting is also important.
LED lighting uses up to 85 % less energy-
-and lasts up to 20 times longer than old fashioned bulbs.
Good for your wallet and good for the planet.
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How to plan your IKEA kitchen lighting كيف تخطط إضاءة مطبخك

898 Folder Collection
Young Innting published on September 6, 2015
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