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  • As Syria struggles through an ongoing civil war, and the terrorist group ISIS spreads

  • through the region. There seems to be one person being blamed for the significant decline

  • of the Middle Eastern country. So, is Bashar Al Assad ruining Syria?

  • Well, Syria was already suffering from a dynastic authoritarian regime since Assad’s father

  • seized power in the 1970s in a coup d’état [eh-tah]. When Bashar took over as the nepotistic

  • ruler of Syria in 2000, he continued his father’s repressive regime. He instigated severe crackdowns

  • on any political dissent, private or public. The resulting backlash forced him to release

  • a number of political prisoners to ease tensions, but it didn’t work.

  • By 2011, when much of the Arab world was revolting during the Arab Spring, Assad authorized the

  • release of a significant number of terrorist leaders from prison. These terrorists would

  • soon after regroup to form ISIS. This, coupled with violent crackdowns on protesters, turned

  • the Arab Spring into an armed rebellion by the Syrian opposition - pitting the Sunni

  • Muslim majority against Assad’s “Alawite Shiaminority.

  • As the civil war progressed, Assad continued arresting citizens and was personally implicated

  • in a number of war crimes by the UN, including the imprisonment and killings of his own citizens.

  • By 2015, some 200,000 political prisoners alone had been jailed for speaking out against

  • the regime. Although most of the Arab League, along with the US and EU, have demanded that

  • Assad step-down as president, he instead ran for a third term in 2014. His victory was

  • widely considered illegitimate and the votes faked or coerced.

  • Recent reports suggest that Assad has been assisting ISIS militarily in their spread

  • across Syria. In the meantime, Assad’s actions have forced 6.5 million residents out of their

  • homes, and 3 million out of the country, as well as decimating the economy and military.

  • Reports say that Syria would not return to pre-civil war conditions for another 30 years

  • at least, following the end of the conflict. In short, Bashar al Assad is not only destroying

  • Syria, but essentially helped facilitate the formation and rise of ISIS.

  • The civil war has taken an incredibly tough toll on the people of Syria, and it’s resulted

  • in millions of refugees flooding the surrounding areas. To learn about where theyre going,

  • check out our video. There’s a link to that video in the description below. Thanks for

  • watching TestTube News!

As Syria struggles through an ongoing civil war, and the terrorist group ISIS spreads

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