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  • - Have you ever wondered why onions make you cry?

  • Well, it's because you're kind of a (meow sound effect).

  • When Chuck Norris peels an onion,

  • he doesn't cry, the onion does.

  • I have a little trick for you that's called,

  • science.

  • Sure, it's not real,

  • but with its confusing big words and so-called facts,

  • people believe this stuff.

  • global warming, even gravity.

  • It's not real, people.

  • So tell your friends this is why onions make you cry,

  • because they're judging you.

  • We all are.

  • See, onions absorb sulphur from the Earth's soil,

  • which they then convert into amino acids

  • known as sulphoxides,

  • and these sulphoxides are highly volatile.

  • Think Kanye West at an award show, any award show.

  • When you chop into an onion,

  • it releases a lachrymatory factor synthase enzyme.

  • These enzymes react with the sulphoxides

  • within the onion and convert them into sulfenic acids,

  • which are highly unstable, like Lindsay Lohan unstable.

  • So unstable they transform themselves into a compound

  • that no one can pronounce, syn-Propanethial-S-oxide.

  • This pesky combination of sulfuric acid, sulphurdioxide,

  • and hydrogen sulfide interacts with the air around your eye.

  • You cry.

  • You're no.

  • It's just the magic of science.

- Have you ever wondered why onions make you cry?

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