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♪ (French music) ♪
- (Finebros) Are you ready for another Kids vs. Food?
- No.
- No. I barely ate breakfast.
- I'm nervous.
- Hopefully it's not gonna be something disgusting.
- Better not be rotten like last time.
I eat any food but not rotten food.
- (Finebros) Are you nervous?
- No. Should I? Should I be?
Oh great. Okay, see? Now you're making me nervous.
- (Finebros) Well, today... - No.
- (Finebros) ...you are eating this.
- Cake?
- Cake?
- (whispers) Come on.
(gasps) I love you guys.
- A cake? Ooh, can I--
- (Finebros) No, not yet! - (cackles)
- Are we reacting to a React cake?
- It smells good. It looks like cake. It smells like cake.
I just know there's something up with this cake.
- Wait, wait. You're gonna trick me like in the pizza thing.
You showed me a nice cheese pizza,
and then you traded it for something else.
This cake that you're gonna make me eat is gonna be disgusting.
- It's actually the best-looking cake I've ever wanted to eat.
- Honestly, I-- I'm speechless.
It's not my birthday.
- (Finebros) You are here today because the React channel
is celebrating its one-year anniversary.
- Already? Wow.
- One year. Wow, it actually doesn't feel like
it's been one year.
- (Finebros) So what better way to celebrate
than eating cake on Kids vs. Food?
- I so just want to dig my face into this.
- (Finebros) So put that on.
- I'm down with this.
- This is the best.
- That's a lot of cake.
- (Finebros) Since the React channel is turning one,
we're gonna have you eat the cake like a one-year-old. So dig in.
- I'm down with that too! Give me a headband!
- Yay, I'm gonna dig my face into it?!
- Oh wow. See, this is even better.
- Happy birthday, React. (blows)
- I don't want to get messy.
My mom picked this shirt so it doesn't get messy.
- ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
♪ Happy birthday, React channel ♪
♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
(eating noisily)
Mmm. Oh, that's really good.
(eating noisily)
- It feels so gross.
Very nutritious.
- (groaning in disgust)
- I want to put my face in it.
Don't let me stop eating.
- This is the best cake I've had in a really long time.
- (Finebros) You don't have to eat the whole thing.
- But I want to eat the whole thing.
My mom's not in here, guys.
(mouth full) This is my moment.
- (Finebros) So what do you want to say
to all the fans that support us? - Love you.
- Thank you, everybody, for supporting us.
- Thank you for making the React channel the React channel.
- We wouldn't be here without you guys, so thank you so much.
- You guys are awesome.
And we wouldn't be able to do it without you.
- Cheers to another year!
- (Finebros) Want to stop eating and say some goodbyes?
- Nope.
- (Finebros) Still eating? - Yup.
- Thanks for watching the best episode of Kids vs. Food.
- What food should we try next? Let us know in the comments.
- Help continue to support the show and subscribe.
- Bye!
- Happy birthday, React channel! Bye!
♪ (French music) ♪
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KIDS vs. FOOD - ??????

1398 Folder Collection
Ma Ya published on September 4, 2015
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