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  • I'm gonna tell you...

  • what?

  • I'm pregnant!

  • what were you thinking?

  • why you have to... ummm... get another baby? you just have two!

  • So... why... why.... why do you....This is exasperating!

  • Exasperating? Amalya!

  • Because...because you just got two!

  • So,why do you wanna place.... why do you wanna get another baby?

  • and just replace one of your babies if there is too much?

  •, we will never replace you and Amalya!

  • you just gonna have another brother or sister that you have to take care of or help to take care of!

  • that doesn't make no sense! this makes no sense!

  • why it don't making any sense, Tré?

  • because...if it makes sense then...

  • you just had two babies and you keep loving them forever not having another baby between us!

  • Amalya looks happy! Amalya, are you happy you get to have another brother or sister?

  • what kind of baby is that?

  • it... i don't know. might be a boy or might be a girl!

  • ohh... boy's crying is even worse.

  • how do you know?

  • I know... because...because when I saw a baby crying out of my school,

  • because i just heard the crying... and just like ehhh... this is even worse than Amalya's crying.

  • Well, Tré... I don't know what to tell you about the crying, you just got to get used to it ,okay?

  • Okay, and buy me some ear plugs too

  • buy you some ear plugs? okay!

I'm gonna tell you...

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