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  • Can chia seeds help with weight loss?

  • The question has been asked many times recently

  • and I wanted to help finally provide an answer.

  • The United States National Institutes of Health commissioned

  • the Department of Health, Leisure, and Exercise Science

  • at Appalachian State University

  • to answer once and for all the effectiveness of chia seed for weight loss in overweight adults.

  • The doctors hypothesis was that the high dietary fiber of chia seeds would induce significant decreases in body weight and fat.

  • Subjects were randomized to chia seed and placebo groups, and under single-blind procedures

  • ingested 25 g of chia seeds or placebo supplements.

  • The study concluded that the body composition

  • inflammation

  • oxidative stress

  • blood pressure

  • and lipoproteins

  • did not differ between chia seeds and placebo for both sexes.

  • In conclusion, ingestion of 50 grams per day chia seeds vs placebo for 12 weeks

  • by overweight/obese men and women had no influence on body mass or composition, or other various disease risk factors.

  • However, what doctors all around the world do agree on is that there are many natural ingredients such as

  • bitter orange, guarana, ginseng, and coca that do aid in weight loss.

  • In addition, Vitamin B6, cinnamon, cayenne, and ginger increase metabolism

  • which forces the body to burn more fat.

  • Studies have also found that kanjac root is a successful hunger reducer

  • and that chitosan extract is a powerful fat inhibitor.

  • These natural ingredients stimulate metabolism,

  • reduce appetite, slow fat absorption and increase overall energy levels.

  • For further reading and to learn more about

  • how these natural ingredients can help you lose weight,

  • please visit the site in the description below.

Can chia seeds help with weight loss?

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