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  • Are you interested in expanding your English vocabulary?

  • In this video, I share with you some simple English vocabulary that you can use immediately

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  • Business Idioms

  • Cash cow.

  • A product, service, or business division that generates a lot of cash for a company.

  • Since they bought it, YouTube has been a huge cash cow for Google.

  • At a premium

  • At a high price; at a relatively high price.

  • The newest technology is always sold at a premium.

  • Bite the bullet

  • to bite the bullet.

  • To make a difficult or painful decision.

  • Or to take a difficult step

  • They decided to bite the bullet and pay the higher price for the house they really wanted.

  • Climb the corporate ladder

  • To climb the corporate ladder

  • Advance in one's career

  • The process of getting promoted and making it to senior management.

  • Mr. Smith has done very well to climb the corporate ladder so quickly.

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Are you interested in expanding your English vocabulary?

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