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Mridu Parikh from Life is Organized! And today I want to tell you about 5 tips to mem... mem...
to what?
You know what someone asked you on Wednesday what you did over the weekend and you have no recollection?
But when this song comes on you can do this...
(Young MC - Bust a Move)
Recently, I've been researching how to improve my memory and I have some very good news!
Being organized is one of the best ways to increase your memory power,
because when you know where to put things away and take them out, make it habitual and do it over and over,
it really increases the chances of remembering them.
Another not so shocking but reinforcing way is to write stuff down. That means everything!
If you have list to refer to, you'll always remember things better.
Here are 5 other awesome ways for you to improve your memory.
#1: Physical Activity.
Physical activity gets your blood flowing all over your body including your brain.
So this can really help you remember things better.
#2: A hard healthy diet. This maybe just as good for your heart as it is to your brain.
So focus on whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
#3:(And I love this one!) Socialize regularly. Numerous studies have shown that a life full
of fun and friends comes with cognitive benefits.
#4: Laugh!
(Audience laughing)...
You've heard that laughter is the best medicine, but it's a not only great for your spirit
and your energy but for your mental capacity too.
So watch the end of comedy, surround yourself with funny people, or just laugh at yourself.
And #5: Give your brain a workout.
The more you workout your brain, the more you'll be able to process and retain information.
So try a new challenge, anything from a crossword puzzle, to a new language, to a new sport or a new program.
Now, don't forget to do this week's challenge and let me know in the comments below which
one of these 5 tips that you can add into your life to improve your memory.
And remember, if you liked this video, please like it. Subscribe to my channel
and pass it along to someone else who you think could benefit from this information.
And I'll see you next week with another awesome tip on how to take control of your life.
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Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Memory

22159 Folder Collection
林曉玉 published on September 8, 2015    林曉玉 translated    James reviewed
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