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Here is my latest 3D setup for the DJI Phantom with the cheap gimbal from China. I bought two Polaroid Cube cameras.
They have strong magnets, and the original packaging contains a metal plate, that I fixed on my gimbal arm with strong double sided tape.
Look at this. Both plates fit here on the arm side by side.
Now I stick them on here easy and align them as good as I can. I flew around already, and they did not fall off.
You can see, that they are almost balanced. They are both together only 0.6 oz heavier than one GoPro Hero 3.
Now I am going to show you how this gimbals, when the aircraft is moving. I took the rotor blades off for this test.
Tell me what you want, but this works just great. I can’t wait to shoot a real 3D video up there in the sky.
Please let me know, what you think. Rate, comment and subscribe! Thank you guys for watching my DJI Cube video!
Wow, it tilts like a charm!
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DJI 3D Stereo Setup with 2 Polaroid Cube Cameras (HD)

631 Folder Collection
Jorba published on August 29, 2015
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