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How to Choose a Bra that Accentuates Your Breasts. Get an instant boob job, just by
putting on the right bra. You will need A white, V-neck T-shirt Measuring tape Time
to shop A wide range of bras and patience. Step 1. Wear a white V-neck T-shirt when you
go bra shopping. If a bra makes your breasts look good under a white tee, it will make
them look good under anything. Step 2. For the most flattering fit, you need the correct
bra size. Begin by calculating your band size. Wrap a tape measure around your back, and
under your breasts. If it's an odd number, add five. If it's an even number, add four.
This is your band size. Step 3. Now calculate your bust size. Take the tape and bring it
around your back again, this time holding it a bit lower than your armpits, until it
meets in front of your nipples. This is your bust size. Subtract your band number from
your bust measurement to get your cup size: one equals A, two equals B, and so on. Most
women are actually one band smaller and one cup larger than the bra they're currently
wearing. Step 4. Cleavage belongs in the front. To minimize the appearance of back fat, go
_down_ a band size and wear the bra lower on your back. It might sound odd, but back
rolls can be caused by a bra that's actually too loose, not too tight. Step 5. Try the
traditional cleavage-creating methods, like giving your breasts a lift with an underwire
or push-up bra. For extra oomph, get one with straps that cross in the back. Step 6. Give
the appearance of firm breasts with a contour cup bra. The foam material molds to your breasts,
making them look more solid. Step 7. Go a size or two bigger with a padded bra that
gets its boost from silicone, gel, air, or water padding, all of which are more natural
looking and durable than foam. Or buy some inserts that can be tucked into any bra. Step
8. Have great boobs under the clingiest material and/or a backless dress with silicone stick-on
bra cups. They adhere to your breasts so you get the support of a bra without the straps.
Step 9. Ensure an uplifting experience by replacing your bras every six months or every
100 washings, whichever comes first. Did you know According to a poll, British women have
the biggest breasts in Europe, with women in Denmark and Holland coming in second and
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How to Choose a Bra That Accentuates Your Breasts

1364 Folder Collection
Jorba published on August 29, 2015
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