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Everyone nowadays believes in education
We train kids to do maths, we teach pilots how to land planes, and surgeons to how to operate on our brains…
But there’s one area where we don’t seem to believe in education at all and
we just leave people to figure it out themselves: life itself.
There’s an odd silence in education when it comes to the truly big questions:
who should you get together with?
how can you manage your relationship?
what career are you suited to?
what’s money for?
How can we manage anxiety? What do we do with regret and shame?
what to do about illness and aging?
how do we deal with our families?
Here there is - very strangely - often no one to turn to, nowhere to go
So stress accumulates
and disasters occur
We wanted a place to help with this stuff
So we built: The School of Life.
An open-minded, rigorous unideological organisation devoted to helping you deal with the important
things you were never taught at school: relationships,
and emotions.
We have physical hubs across the world
in London, Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Melbourne and Rio.
And here online, we’ll be posting new films every week that address the great questions.
We don't have to keep making the same mistakes. There are things to be learnt, while there's still time.
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What is The School of Life?

32303 Folder Collection
Jacky Avocado Tao published on September 7, 2015    Clément translated    James reviewed
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