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Hello there my name is Doug Armstrong
Rise Above have asked me what I think it means to be a true friend
So think about these things in relation to your own friendships and relationships.
Could you be a better friend to some people?
But more importantly, are your friends, you partner or even your family members being truly supportive friends to you?
Are these relationships balanced between you both
Or more one sided?
Personally, I've had my fair share of friendships where
I thought at the time they were friends but looking back, they weren't really much more than acquaintances.
Not that it's always wrong to have people like that in your life.
But it's just important that you realise when that's the case.
So here are my top ten ways on how to be a true friend
Know how to listen
They say we have two ears and one mouth for a reason
That's because you should be listening more than you should be talking.
So don't always be the one to monopolise the conversation.
But instead, take the the time to truly listen.
Rather than thinking about what you're going to be saying next.
That way you can understand and support your friend when they're talking to you.
So that they're reassured that you care.
Don't be afraid to tell the truth.
Sometime the truth is hard
But a true friend will appreciate constructive words
No matter how difficult it may be to tell them.
Be interested in their lives
Know what's going on with them and find out all their interests.
The more you open up and share with each other, the closer you will become.
Meet in person regularly
Real relationships are not formed through texting or Facebook or anything like that.
Non-verbal communication plays a huge part in how what we say is received.
When it's just text on a screen
It's so easy to miss things or misinterpret.
So, I don't really think it's possible to have a deep meaningful conversation through text or Facebook.
Encourage their goals and dreams
It's so much more reassuring and inspiring when your friends encourage you to be the best that you can.
And to help you on your way to your goals.
Be loyal and forgive when necessary
No one's perfect. Sometimes mistakes are made.
But when they're small scratches on the surface,
They shouldn't have to effect a much deeper and bigger bond.
Celebrate the wins and be there to support the losses
Don't get jealous of their success.
It's much more productive to be happy for them and to celebrate with them.
And you'll probably find it will keep you happier too.
Be there when they need you and times are tough
Your friends should always feel like they can count on you whenever the going gets tough.
Don't only call when you want something
Be the person who calls or writes to say hello sometimes
Support the person
But don't feel compelled to support the situation.
You can't always have the same look on every single situation.
But you can always support the person to be their very best.
Hopefully my thoughts have been of use to someone, somewhere.
And maybe you can take the time to consider each of your important relationships now.
It can obviously be hard to check all the boxes for everyone
But this should hopefully just help you realise when your relationships are particularly unbalanced.
Or when friends, partners or even family members aren't as supportive as they should be.
Make more time for the people you have happy relationships with.
And try and improve the lesser ones
But don't be afraid to sometimes just move, if you think someone isn't worth your time anymore.
Thanks very much for watching and I'll see you again soon.
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How to be a true friend | Doug Armstrong | RiseAbove

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Klaus published on August 27, 2015
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