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Hello Everybody!
My name is Steve Ford and one of my favorite times of the year has arrived
the Fall
So you’re walking down the street and this guy calls you over
hey, you wanna buy a watch real cheap?
ah no!
it's brand-new
I’m not falling for that one!
Explanation: to fall for something means to believe something that is NOT true
I remember I had this buddy of mine “Greg”
and we were at a street festival in my hometown
I was young, naïve, and I had just bought some cotton candy
And he said, “hey look over there”
I did, and he took a handful of my cotton candy
Then he tried doing it again, “hey look at that!”
And I said, “I’m not falling for it”
Fall out: When you’re a kid
your baby teeth fall out
here in North America the tooth fairy comes aka your parents
and if you put your tooth under your pillow
the next morning you'll find a coin
Fall out can be used figuratively too
You can fall out with someone,
or you have a falling-out with someone meaning you argue with someone
and never really get along with them
Now people can go on Facebook to check back on all those
ex-friends they fell out with to see what they are up to
what's he up to?
Fall apart: we all know that things get old and fall apart like cars
Now my grandpa, God rest his soul lived through the great depression
and he was of the mindset, way of thinking,
that if you had something to use, you had to use it ENTIRELY until it was unusable
So he had a comfortable lifestyle
but would drive a car until it iterally would fall apart
I mean until the bottom of the car was falling out
Now picture yourself in the middle of a cold winter
driving a car where the bottom falls out.
Fall apart can also be used figuratively too.
It means to become emotionally upset, unable to function normally.
I'm falling apart!
Now our next phrasal verb is longer
When I make plans, I always try to have a plan B,C,D,
I always try to have another plan to fall back on
So do my online students, they’ll tell you
I was once giving a test preparation class to a student in a hotel room
and his internet connection was really bad.
So we had to find a solution to fall back on since his test day was the next day
So he said, “Steve give me 5 minutes” and rushed out to a bar across the street
with a wi-fi connection
So here we are practicing for the TOEFL
question number 1
question number 2
so we got through it and he passed the TOEFL
and is on to bigger and better things.
Well everybody, I know how important phrasal verbs are, I really do!
and I hope you enjoyed my lesson on FALL phrasal verbs
I’m not falling for that one!
Have a great day! Bye for now!
Hello Everybody and welcome to learn English Live
My name is Steve Ford and one of my tav.....tavorite...blooper 1
cat toys, and....cat
don't claw my suit jacket
ooh man oh man! These cats won't leave us alone! Friggin' cats!
.and the cat came back, the very next day.....
hello everybody and welcome to learn English live, my name is.....
I'm just gonna roll with it folks
if you hear cats in the background....
I'm just gonna roll with it
let the cats play on the piano behind the green screen
you can't see the green screen, you can only hear the cats
fall out can be used figura*(^*
I mean until the bottom of the car was falling out
Watchya gonna do? Watchya doin'?(2x)
have a great day and bye for now!
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How to Learn Phrasal Verbs Fast - Learning English TV 13 with Steve Ford

948 Folder Collection
Andrew Kc published on August 23, 2015
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