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Hey guys, this is the world famous Kailasa temple at Ellora and let's look objectively
into who could have built this amazing structure. By the end of this video, I hope you will
agree with me that our history is completely wrong, and that this temple was built by a
very advanced civilization.
What is so special about this temple? This temple was not constructed by adding stone
blocks, but an entire mountain was carved to create this temple. This is the only example
in the whole world where a mountain was cut out from the top, to create a structure. In
all the other temples and caves, even in Ellora and the rest of the world, the rock was cut
from the front and carved as they went along. The whole world has followed a rock cutting
technique called "cut-in monolith" while Kailasa temple is the only one that has used the exact
opposite technique called "cut-out monolith". To see why this rock cutting technique is
so different, let's take a look at this pillar that is over 100 feet tall. See how small
human beings look when compared to this pillar. Normally, to create such a huge pillar, it
would take years of work, carving accurately on the huge rock. But this pillar was carved
by scooping out all the pieces of mountain around it. You can imagine the amount of rock,
which has been removed to create this pillar. Historians and archeologists are confused
because of the sheer amount of rock that was removed in this temple. Archeologists confirm
that over 400,000 tons of rock had to be scooped out, which would have taken not years, but
centuries of human labor. Historians have no record of such a monstrous task and they
think that it was built in less than 18 years.
Let us do a simple math and see if historians could be right. I am going to assume that
people worked every day for 18 years and for 12 hours straight with no breaks at all. I
am going to ignore rainy days, festivals, war time and assume that people worked like
robots ceaselessly. I am also going to ignore the time taken to create intricate carvings
and complex engineering design and planning and just focus on the removal of rock.
If 400,000 tons of rock were removed in 18 years, 22,222 tons of rock had to be removed
every year. This means that 60 tons of rock was removed every day, which gives us 5 tons
of rock removed every hour. I think we can all agree that is not even possible today
to remove 5 tons of rock from a mountain, every hour. Not even with all the so called
advanced machines that we have. So, if it is not humanly possible, was it done by humans
at all? Was this created with the help of extraterrestrial intelligence?
Now, forget about creating such an extraordinary structure. Can human beings at least destroy
this temple? In fact, Aurangzeb a Muslim king employed a thousand workers to completely
demolish this temple. In 1682, he ordered that that the temple be destroyed, so that
there would be no trace of it. Records show that a 1000 people worked for 3 years, and
they could only do a very minimal damage. They could break and disfigure a few statues
here and there, but they realized it is just not possible to completely destroy this temple.
Aurangzeb finally gave up on this impossible task.
Note that this attempted destruction is very similar to another mysterious structure called
The Menkaure's pyramid in Egypt. Another Muslim ruler wanted all the pyramids to be destroyed,
and started his work from the Menkaure's pyramid. After years of trying, he was only able to
make a small dent on the pyramid. He gave up too. Were all these indestructible structures
around the world created by extraterrestrials? Is that why human beings are not even able
to destroy them?
In fact, archeologists agree that Kailasa temple was created before any other temple
in the Ellora cave complex. Could this have been built centuries before human beings started
carving other temples nearby? Is this why the architecture, the design, and the size
is so much better and bigger than other temples? If it was built by humans, it is logical to
expect that the rock cutting techniques and design would become better over time. People
would gain more experience and knowledge and make better structures in the future. However,
the Kailasa temple is the oldest and the biggest temple carved with engineering perfection.
Unlike other temples, the Kailasa is the only temple that is visible from the air. Out of
34 temples, all carved side by side, Kailasa stands out and you can see it while flying
over it. Is this just a coincidence? Or was it designed for people to see it from the
air, like Nazca lines of Peru? Even on google earth, the aerial view of Kailasa temple clearly
shows an X mark. This is how it looks from the top; you can see a circular design that
is studded with 4 lions that create this huge X mark. Was this created as a signal for extraterrestrials,
who can spot the location while flying?
Unlike other temples of Ellora, notice how well its rectangular design is oriented with
all the four directions. Its entrance faces perfectly to the west. Is this another coincidence
too? Unlike most other temples of Ellora, this
temple has bridges that connect towers, rainwater harvesting systems, drainage systems, hidden
underground passages, secret peepholes that can show people walking in, elaborate balconies
in different areas and complex stairways that connect multiple levels. And all of this had
to be planned accurately before they started carving the mountain. For example, you cannot
carve these two structures separately and then decide to build a bridge later. No connecting
rocks or external rocks were used at all, and everything was carved perfectly from one
mountain. Do you still believe that this was done with chisels, hammers and pickaxes by
people with limited mathematical and architectural knowledge? I hope we can all agree that the
Kailasa temple was built by a much advanced civilization, whether it originated on earth
or elsewhere.
I am finding a lot of mysterious places like this, so please do subscribe to my channel.
Your opinion is very valuable whether you agree with me or not, so please do leave a
comment. Thank you for watching and talk to you soon.
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Kailasa Temple in Ellora Caves - Built with Alien Technology?

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kathy published on August 22, 2015
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