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Hi guys. Me and the Food Tube family together with our friends at LV
are here to help you guys out. You told us what your biggest cooking headaches are, so
together we'll show you our secret tips and
tricks which will change the way you cook forever. Okay lovely people. How to
make the perfect Yorkshire puddings?
Lets just, lets just talk about the perfect Yorkshire pudding.
That beautiful little thing that you can put gravy in. It's great with roast dinners.
You know, crispy on the outside, bit chewy down here.
Let's do it. First up, big bowl. Whisk.
And I need four eggs. I'm using beautiful fresh
free range eggs, and we're gonna whisk those up.
I'm using a big bowl so we can get some nice air in there.
Then I'm gonna go in with 200 millilitres of whole milk.
200 grams of plain flour. Now you can sift it.
You know, when you sift it it just makes it nice and light and no lumps. We don't
want lumps in there.
So just whisk up your batter. As you can see now it's nicely whipped up
I'm just gonna add a little pinch of salt and nothing else.
That's basically it. Now we want it to just coat the back of a spoon.
It should just stick nice to it.
That's the batter made. What I do want to do is get it from a bowl
which is perfect for making it, into a jug because that's perfect for pouring
it quickly.
Because that is another important part that I'll talk about in a minute. We are using
a sunflower oil. You can use the ground oil or a Sunseed oil. Absolutely these are
oils that can handle high heat. We want one centimeter
in each mould. So I'm going to fill out these three and what I like to do
is then just gently, but evenly
pour the oil all the way along
and by the time you hit the bottom you have absolutely perfect exact
measurement across
every single one. And I know what you're thinking,
I invented it, or at least I think I did.
Now we are gonna pre-heat our oven to 190 degrees Celsius
I've got one in there already, okay. It's been in there for about 15 minutes.
So my pre-heated oil comes out,
this is very hot I'm gonna go
in with my batter here
I'm gonna use a spoon. What you don't want is
loads of batter touching the side.
if you have batter in between, what's gonna happen
is that will drag your Yorkshire pudding down, and it will stop it rising
as efficiently.
And what's happening now you can see the hot oil is starting to cook the batter
on the outside, and as we put this in the oven the heat of the oil is gonna push
the batter up the side to create that lift. Okay. We're gonna go straight back
into the oven. I'm gonna close the door
and we're gonna leave it.
You want to dedicate the whole oven just to Yorkshire puddings.
They're gonna cook for about 20-25 minutes until golden
and crispy, and gorgeous. You're gonna love it! Come on baby!
So for me guys
this really is the perfect Yorkshire pudding. You can go bigger, you can put more batter in.
Then I think it goes too crispy and too dry. I like
this kind of size. I like the kind of balance of crispiness
around here, and the chewiness from inside.
Look what you've got there. Absolutely gorgeous. I wanna show you guys something
even more incredible to go with Yorkshire puddings that's not the usual
So I've got some nice smoked salmon. I'm gonna put it down
onto a beautiful border platter. To compliment that I want a little simple
sauce. Now you could use sour cream
yogurt, or creme fresh. Just beat it up
and I'm gonna add just the juice of
one lemon. Here's a fresh horseradish. So we're gonna peel
the horseradish. The little grating over the salmon,
just like snow. What I like about this is it's contrast.
fire and lightness. It's beautiful. Just mix it up.
Just gonna take some of this dill, and from a height,
just pick it. And then freshly cooked,
hot Yorkshire puddings, loading it with that hot
sour cream and horseradish sauce. A nice bit of smoked salmon.
And then just find a quiet little moment, for you
and that beautiful combination, and just tuck in.
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Take care. Bye-bye!
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How To Make Yorkshire Puddings | Jamie Oliver

12616 Folder Collection
林子鈞 published on August 28, 2016    Jamie 榕 translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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