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If you look at a cookie or a soda versus an apple, you can be less concerned about the sugar in an apple.
There's a lot of other things besides just fructose.
All sorts of bio-active compounds, some of them probably haven't even been discovered yet, that do positive things to our health.
The soda and the sugar sweetened beverages have pretty much only one thing in them and that's the sugar.
From many, many epidemiological studies, we do know that the people who eat the most fruit are the healthiest and have least risk for metabolic disease.
The other thing is, you have to eat a lot of fruit to consume as comparable amount of sugar as is in three cans of soda, or two cans of soda and two cookies.
Chances are you're not going to be able to overeat fruit to the point you're gonna have a high sugar diet just from fruit.
Unless you eat a lot of honey, it's actually hard to be on a high fructose diet if you are depending on nature only to get your fructose.
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Is Sugar in Fruit Different Than Sugar in Soda?

67623 Folder Collection
Wayne Lin published on February 13, 2019    Jay Ja translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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