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quoted you idea sports locked up and make whittier ricks from shooting the
we've got to do it here at the white he supports a little bit with the p_b_a_
the pro bowlers association
uh... they thought we were trashing their sport
we were really this travel fight with it uh... we rent a video of the great
bowler pete weber who got very angry
at a fair
uh... for idea snapping a picture that was ricky to those photo write this so
that these camera made a noise writers pete was bowling in
people like that people off the pizza
strange dude and uh... anyway the videos great was fun and uh...
we got some criticism that i didn't know what i was talking about regarding
bowling that is never stop me before
and uh... i mean i bawled i don't bowling is i doubt it
and then in a tweet i said that uh... boeing is not a sports like hiking
uh... bowling is a sports a third date
uh... that eventually uh... profits more responses about how i was a friggin
idiot lalala again
including uh... one guy who said when he hears me speaks yai here be speak any
hates my fucking cuts but
wolf that's that guy there's that week
then the p_b_s_ responded god bless and and they said uh... if you're going to
trash the p_g_a_ tour at least run the right click
here's the clip the base ingested we run pete weber
the u_s_ open
really think you are not an
it is good stuff could
string of non sequiturs to rather obvious questions
what do you think you're doing
where do you think you're going to
the weather and that that's what they're looking it what is the show
that's what will show uh...
it's uh...
it's like basketball then als geyser
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RE: Pete Weber Gets Mad

554 Folder Collection
王南筑 published on August 20, 2015
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