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  • It can’t possibly be worse than the first two films...right?

  • Youre watching Beyond The Trailer’s review of the NEW Fantastic Four...

  • Does anyone really care about The Fantastic Four? I mean, yeah, were SUPPOSED to because

  • theyre the first superhero team Stan Lee ever created - Marvel’s so called first

  • family - but the popularity of the characters has been in decline for years. In fact, I

  • bet youre most familiar with Reed Richards, Sue and Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm from their

  • interactions with other more popular characters - either as guest stars or in one of Marvel’s

  • epic comic book crossover events. Reed Richards and Sue Storm in Civil War. Reed and Sue’s

  • son Franklin in Onslaught. Johnny Storm in multiple Spider-Man comics. Etc. Etc. And

  • while comic book fans were mighty angry to hear that Marvel Comics was discontinuing

  • the Fantastic Four comic because - supposedly - they didn’t own the film rights, well,

  • nobody really bothered to buy that last issue either. It came in at number sixty-two for

  • the month, selling just under forty thousand copies. Maybe Marvel used the wholefirst

  • familyangle to dupe Fox into buying the Fantastic Four film rights in the first place,

  • as the sale was part of a package deal made when Marvel was in desperate need of cash.

  • Furthermore, Fox has been reluctant to embrace the family aspects of the Fantastic Four.

  • While the studio originally considered having Steven Soderbergh direct, with George Clooney

  • and Charlize Theron starring, they ultimately went the safer route of Barbershop and Taxi’s

  • Tim Story directing another group of superpowered twenty-somethings - plus TV’s Michael Chiklis.

  • Fast-forward to today and the Fantastic Four are still very young, although this time that

  • casting has more merit as the reboot is heavily based on Mark Millar’s Ultimate Fantastic

  • Four storyline - which also wasn’t a huge seller. Plus interestingly, Millar is Fox’s

  • chief consultant on their Marvel films, and it looks like (GASP) he recommended his own

  • material! Chronicle’s Josh Trank was also brought on to give the film that darker edge

  • which is all the rage these days, yet Trank clashed with Fox to such a degree that the

  • resulting bad buzz lost him his Star Wars gig... Furthermore, this reboot has had to

  • deal with some racial tension, as some fans haven’t taken too kindly to Michael B Jordan

  • being cast as Johnny Storm - which also ties into Star Wars by the way, echoing some anger

  • over John Boyega being cast as one of that film’s leads. Then it’s important to point

  • out that there’s also an undercurrent of positivity here, believe it or not, with whispers

  • that Fox doesn’t seem to realize this is actually a pretty good film. But ispretty

  • goodgood enough to stand out in an oversaturated marketplace, with characters that were never

  • that popular to begin with and that have lost the few qualities that made them unique? Perhaps

  • what’s really at stake here is comic book movies in general, and that the fanboy appetite

  • for more movies might not match the mainstream appetite?

It can’t possibly be worse than the first two films...right?

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