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- You know, one of the nice things about having this show
is that it gives me a platform to talk about important issues
that I want to talk about.
Kindness and equal rights and baby goats.
And today I want to talk about another important issue.
This is...you know the phrase "no pun intended?"
It's supposed to mean you just said something funny
by accident.
Well, you know, like,
"The pilot's career was taking off.
No pun intended." Something like that.
Or "John Travolta gave a touching introduction
at the Oscars. No pun intended."
And I noticed a lot of people are using it
when they say something funny on purpose.
And that's--that's wrong, and damn it,
I'm not gonna take it anymore.
So it's time for another installment of my segment
You're Doing It Wrong, by Ellen DeGeneres.
[upbeat music]
- It's an exciting summer program
giving kids a good look into the field of archeology,
right in our own backyard in Maryland.
- Holly is out to get the scoop.
[laughs] No pun intended, really.
She joins us live from Historic St. Mary's City.
Holly, do you see why that's funny?
- Interest in a new marijuana tax
appears to be at a new high.
No pun intended.
- Dan, you say, you know, sort of no pun intended,
it's high time that this happened.
- I thought it was high time, no pun intended,
for this to be on the table.
I'm trying to beat everybody to the punch with the jokes
because I get a lot.
- A Florida man reportedly refuses to admit that crack--
no pun intended, cocaine--
found hidden inside his buttocks...
- I think I told Tony I was painting him,
and he kind of brushed it off, so to speak.
- No art pun intended there?
- There--that was an art pun.
[upbeat music]
[laughter and applause]
- Oh.
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You're Doing It Wrong... No Pun Intended

381286 Folder Collection
Rose published on August 19, 2015
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