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101 Dog Care: How to potty train your puppy.
The key is vigilence.
Take your puppy outside to relieve itself after meal and naps and exciting events
such as meeting new people.
If your dog starts sniffing the ground and circling the same spot
it might be looking for a spot in which to relieve itself.
Act quickly to prevent an accident.
Take your dog out in the garden or for a walk
so it can relieve itself in an appropriate spot.
If you are letting your dog out in the garden, go with it and stay until it has relieved itself.
The praise it for doing so outside.
Outdoor toilet training is best done in conjunction with newspaper training.
Until a routine is established and adhered to
encourage your puppy to relieve itself on sheets of old newspaper.
When you see your puppy sniffing at the ground
pick it up and place it on newspaper
Stay with it until it goes to the bathroom.
Praise your puppy for using the newspaper.
Over time, regular toilet trips outside will be enough to stop accidnts indoors.
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101 Dog Care: How to Potty Train a Puppy

760 Folder Collection
Gina Huang published on August 18, 2015
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