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  • Mrs. Collins, you still insist that the boy out there is not your son?

  • Yes, l do.

  • Please, don't struggle. What?

  • No! You'll only hurt yourself.

  • What are you doing? Hold still.

  • You can't iust do this. No, you can't.

  • JONES: You are to convey the prisoner

  • to the Los Angeles County General Hospital Psychopathic Ward.

  • What?

  • You are to make the following entry.

  • Defendant states she's been deceived by police and others,

  • and that we have given her a boy and tried

  • to make her think it is her son when she says it is not.

  • Take her away. No. No, no.

  • CHRISTINE: Please. Please.

  • MATRON: Come on, Mrs. Collins.

  • CHRISTINE: No. No.

  • MAN: This way.

  • JONES: Mrs. Collíns has been known to usnce about March 10th, 1928

  • when she reported herne-year-old son, Walter, míssíng.

  • The boy was gone untíl August 1928. MAN: Okay.

  • nce hís return, she has complaíned that he ís stíllssíng

  • and has made repeated requests that he be found.

  • She suffers from paranoía, delusíons of persecutíon andslocatíon from realíty.

  • She may be a threat to herself or others.

  • We recommend that she be conveyed to the psychopathíc ward

  • untíl her senses can be restored.

  • Got another code 12.

  • Name?

  • Collins. Christine.

  • No, no, no, listen, this is a mistake.

  • Certifying officer?

  • Captain J.J. Jones, Lincoln Heights Division.

  • No, no, please! Please! The police are trying to punish me...

  • lf you keep it up, l'm gonna have to put you in a straitjacket.

  • Do you want that?

  • No, ma'am.

  • Then behave yourself. Code 1 2.

  • WOMAN: l'm not mad!

  • Please.

  • Oh, God.

  • NURSE: All right.



  • No!

Mrs. Collins, you still insist that the boy out there is not your son?

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Changeling (6/12) Movie CLIP - Committed to the Psych Ward (2008) HD

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