B2 High-Intermediate US 2003 Folder Collection
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Hey guys Fourpaws here and today I have five quick tips for making the most out of Poweder
Keg, Gangplanks newest mechanic. I'm personally loving this new ability, it's
hella satisfying to pull off a good keg and watch your foes health bar vanish.
So let's get into it with my first tip which is make sure you are spamming out Powder
Keg as much as possible. Obviously be careful of pushing your wave,
and sit on the cooldown if you are planning to use them for a play in the next few seconds.
Yet I can't stress this enough, Powder keg costs no mana and offers so much.
The fact that the damage hit through the keg ignores 60% of your opponents armor means
those trades are gonna hurt. And it instantly refreshes your passive, thus
your next auto is going to hit for extra true damage, so please use and abuse this!
Secondly always have a keg set up just as an escape plan.
Popping a keg whilst you run back to your turret will result in two things.
First of all it will always pop your passive, like I just mentioned, thus give you 30% extra
movespeed for 2seconds. This speed boost is often enough to peace
out from an incomming gank attempt. And secondly this keg will be there incase
you need a trigger keg to slow or damage your enemies.
Thirdly remember to utilize the three tiny brushes in the top lane.
These are great places to hide away a Keg to be used as that trigger or escape keg.
And if your opponents do catch on that you are constantly using the brushes then they
often can't really do anything about it. They can either facecheck the brush and risk
you popping the keg on them, or burn a ward to gain vision of the keg which will only
be effective if they are ranged.
When against a true melee champion such as a maokai, don't be afraid to aggresivly zone
your opponents away from the minions by slapping a keg ontop the minion line.
Keg's take a long time to manually arm at the start of the game, if left to tick down
they will take s total of four seconds to become active.
This is great to know as it's going to be effort for your foe to try to slap down the
keg thus they truely have to respect it. If you utilize this correctly, Gangplank has
effectivly a zoning tool that requires no resources other than an ammo count which is
kinda crazy. Oh an before we move onto the last tip, Towers
don't shoot kegs. So when you get that Maokai under his turret
keep up the preassure by covering your minions with a cheeky Keg.
And a final tip for Gangplanks Keg's is to remember that they offer a small amount of
vision when placed, thus can be used to check the fog of war safetly.
The range to cast a barrell is rather big, so you can safely plop one down to make sure
you're safe. The best brushes to use this trick on are
the pea sized brushes near drake and baron as the barrel can reveal the whole brush.
However if you're pretty sure the enemy junglers set up his tent top lane, then slap down a
keg and shoo them off.
So that's all for this episode guys. I'm really enjoying the new gangplank and I might do
a tip top guide for him down the line. As always feel free to leave a like down below
if you enjoy my content and make sure to subscribe if you aren't already.
Goodluck with your gangplank play, and I'll see you guys in my next video.
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Five Laning Tips for Gangplank's Powder Keg - HTTL

2003 Folder Collection
Liu Samuel published on August 15, 2015
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