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Oh my god, it's a tiny little hamster
Hey guys, I am back in Nakano Broadway today
in gacha gacha paradise~ as you can see
and they have a really good deal on a super cute gacha today
So I'm gonna try this one
Can you see it? It's Japanese sweets shaped like little hamsters
It really looks like my old hamster, Pupu
If you remember...
She passed away last year, and I miss her :(
It would be awesome if I could get the exact same figure of her
So I'm gonna try very hard to get this one!
Even if I don't get that one, all the rest are super cute as well
So, wish me luck!
This one is only 200 yen, so this is a really good deal
Gacha are usually somewhere between 200 and 400 yen
Here we go!
Oh it looks like one with a bowl in it...
I think it's oshiruko!
Let's open it up
That's so cute!
Let's open it up and see what's inside
I think it's a hamster... oh my god
It's a tiny little hamster, can you guys see that?
Isn't it cute!? Oh my god...
This gacha is awesome!
and it just sits inside this bowl of red bean soup!
Alright, let's get another one because these are adorable!
I hope I got Pupu!! Fingers crossed~
Oh it's a different one!
I can't tell which one it is...
Oh cute!
What is this one?
Are these edamame?
I can't tell but they're really cute
I like this hamster one because it comes with more than one figure
It's like a little set each time
So it's got the little plate
These ones aren't hamsters, these ones are just sweets
This is adorable! I think I may have to go exchange a 1000 yen bill so I can get some more >_>;;
While we are here I will show you guys the old 1000 yen bill that I got the other day for change!
Isn't that pretty?
I really love the design of the old ones so I'm not gonna use that
Let me show you the current 1000 yen
Looks like this
So we're gonna use the new one because I don't wanna waste my old one
Alright, here we go!
Alright guys, we're trying again for the one that looks like Pupu!
Aw I got another oshiruko one...
I'll give that one to my sister
Oh! This is a new one
Still not the one that I wanted though...
I'm having pretty good luck though
at least I'm not getting a whole bunch of the same one
Not bad :)
Oh it's a dorayaki!
You guys can also learn about Japanese sweets through this video!
Let's see... let me take it out so you can see it better
Hehe it's so cute!
Isn't that adorable? It's a little golden hamster inside two pancakes
with bean paste in the middle
Alright I think I'm gonna try it one more time. Fingers crossed!
What is it what is it? Awww it's another dorayaki...
Zannen deshita~ (That's too bad)
But I got 2 extras that I can send to my sister so I'm sure that she will be happy :)
Anyways yeah, that was the Mocchiri Hamusuta- Tokusen Gacha!
The thing about gachas is that they're very seasonal
So this one will probably be gone in a month or two :(
So if you're in Japan right now, and you want the hamster Japanese sweets gacha
Make sure you come to Nakano! Or you can probably find it in Akihabara pretty easily too. to try it out
Good luck guys!
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Japanese Sweets Shaped like Hamsters もっちりハムスター特選

1348 Folder Collection
鄭祐晨 published on August 13, 2015
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