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And for the top international news headlines, we now turn to Lee Sun-ho at the News Center.
Today′s focus: Regardless of substance, Donald Trump made a lot of noise at the presidential
debate, a French hostage in Yemen is released, and John Stewart takes one final bow at the
′Daily Show.′ But first... Donald Trump
If drawing any kind of reaction from the audience is what really matters, he certainly delivered.
The billionaire businessman turned reality TV star... ate up the most time at the debate,
while taking jabs at the other candidates... and even the moderators.
But for all the boos from the crowd, there were just as many cheers.
Our Won Ji-hyun has this story. There may be 17 Republican hopefuls for next
year′s election for the President of the United States.
But as the party′s first presidential debate showed,... all eyes...and ears... were on
just one man.
″Mr. Trump.″ A defiant Donald Trump stole the show... at
the first GOP presidential primary debate on Thursday, proving himself, once again,
as the frontrunner of the right-wing party. The televised debate hosted by Fox News invited
the top 10 Republican candidates, including Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, and Scott Walker.
The two-hour debate heated up... as Fox News moderators threw some tough questions
at Mr. Trump,... including past offensive comments about women.
At first, Trump responded with a joke, saying the comments were only aimed at his
old nemesis, Rosie O′Donnell. When the moderator challenged him back,
Trump admitted to making such comments,... but said he wasn′t sorry, because he has
no time for ″political correctness.″
″What I say is what I say. And honestly Megyn, if you don′t like it, I′m sorry.
I′ve been very nice to you although I could probably not be, based on the way you have
treated me. But I wouldn′t do that.″ The tycoon also got booed by the audience,
when he refused to rule out a third-party run.
He was the only candidate to raise his hand when asked if anyone would not make the pledge
to run as an independent candidate. In the end, Trump had the longest speaking
time in the two-hour faceoff, with 11 minutes and 14 seconds,... followed by Jeb
Bush at 8 minutes and 48 seconds. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party announced
on Thursday... that it will hold its first presidential primary debate in October,
hosted by CNN. By next summer, both parties will have one
presidential nominee each to take part in the official showdown for the White House.
Won Ji-hyun, Arirang News.
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U.S. real estate mogul Trump leads Republican race 미 공화 대선경선 개막…″거침없는 트럼프

936 Folder Collection
張強 published on August 10, 2015
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