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so this weekend was the fiftieth anniversary martin luther king's
I have a dream speech well cancers or very moved by
they all came out to say well that's a no cake because a
racism is 0 up thanks God I don't know that k I'm sure month kingwood
be really now a star with Bill O'Reilly here cuz he really set the tone
alas week heat was on about Oprah
and the handbag situation where she was not sure thirty thousand or handbag in
and people wonder why she was shown that
then I will please or maybe race was an issue Bill O'Reilly 18 rest let's watch
but here's the most important part the store over 13 and
everybody else should ignore those troglodytes
unless the situation is serious a foolish
in Salt is not the truth it's
you not gonna change the minds of the ignorant and it's not worth the effort
in any case
summing up the victimhood card is useless to Oprah everybody else
there is racism in the world is not going away and if you change a try
but most the time ignoring just think noraid
get over it already so bobby Jindal takes this opportunity over the weekend
publisher article in Politico sank
E ok we had it right get over it come on
now the beginning as well as the number Sabal I he does acknowledge that it
exists the problem his call
racism is one of the more tragic features the human condition
okay great and then he says by the way I noticed recently that the president the
United States a man with whom I disagree with almost everything
seems to have darker skin than most Americans he hasn't had a problem
getting elected
in other words your deal elected a black president
get all over a dead so
now he goes on to explain look of course he's indian-american himself as governor
louisiana neel like that as well
and body for the morning says this yet we still place far too much emphasis on
our separateness
our heritage ethnic background skin color Center
we live in the a Juve hyphenated Americans Asian Americans telomeres
after America's makes america's cuban-americans
indian-americans and Native Americans to name just a few
he says this is the wrong way to go which kinda interesting because
when David Gregory address them on meet the press. he didn't seem to have an
objection to this introduction
I just got a few seconds after I want to ask you as well first indian-american
with a picture view going to Disneyland where also as a kid
I your American dream has been realized
he just called you need american your innocent for that are you bobby Jindal
of course he did he was very pleasant about it he didn't object
whatsoever okay 0 so he continues is editorial here's an idea he says how
just Americans which he didn't say to David Gregory now that has a nice ring
to it if you ask me
placing undue emphasis on our separateness is a step backward
bring back the melting pot now look
II like The Melting Pot analogy
I'm comfortable with it and I think that we all bring
a lot to this American tradition through our own heritage is but he he said in
the earlier quarter it to you
we place too much emphasis on our heritage that all these people including
african-americans should get beyond now wait a minute
if we got beyond it well we wouldn't have the melting pot in the first place
so for example if african-americans got beyond their heritage
we might not have had blues or gents
or rock n roll or hip-hop
or R&B or almost
all the music we now say is America
spun pressure it's a great idea to get beyond your culture
your heritage et cetera to leave his side well he wants to make it clear he
we have a long tradition of folks from all different backgrounds incorporating
the traditions and the American experience
but we must resist the politically correct rent
a changing the melting pot into a salad bowl K
all this cooking stuff is get confuse
okay what he means is in a melting pot
you melt together so you no longer have your own heritage your culture your
we have one shared one in a salad bowl you have distinct
different parts of the salad but I'm not melted together
they're in the same poll but they're still individuals
we can have can have but wait a minute
every one of these cultures as added to our melting pot
or are set on pork whatever bowl you like the bottom into
getting rid of that would be counterproductive to what's great about
but apparently they don't believe that so in case
his overall message was unclear Governor Bobby Jindal ends by saying
it's time to get over it it's time for that and the race
in america now
does he genuinely believe that you should be leave behind all your past
now look I think that it's really important that we also have a shared
I'm a big believer in that it doesn't mean I think you should wipe out your
culture at or your individuality or where you came from
or your understanding amid apparently a little bit of a disagreement
but also understand the bobby Jindal is likely to
run for president in 2016 he certainly views himself as one of the top
republicans the country
would have a chance is something like that so he's gotta say an article
hot the O'bama like this guy will do everything okay
and has turn around and say to his white Republican voters because the great
majority Republican voters now are overwhelmingly white
because they've lost almost all the minorities in the country to turn them
it's okay I'm on your side races I guess it was a problem at some point
but the way to fix racism isn't by addressing racism
or helping lead actually get beyond a bite
fixing it or addressing it espy ignoring it
you're right the weighted some other promise the yellow black people in other
people and other minorities is a
yet although it will be like Obama get all great
now look artistic to the cases that we've
discussed over the many years here on the young turks thing you'd
dozens maybe hundreds of these that we have covered right
iron but I remember the older african-american gentleman
who was going to scart other day and is neighbor calls in
this is there's a guy breaking into a car X's
sea bird if you can why people live next to you is still when you see a black
person you freak out he's only got cops area has a black eye in the driver
of course is a black eye the drive which is right away Cubs come by the sea in
reaching the car
issue now how was he supposed to get over that
and I remember a similar case in Texas where a young kid
drop pulls up in his own driveway in his car as follows baseball player
and a cop shoot up they tracked them because they said okay well
that muscle in a stolen car and you must be going to rob that house
now how was he supposed to get over that
how do you get over somebody shoot EU base on the racial assumptions that they
I'm how could he have prevented the shooting
if you if he was bobby Jindal and he was like yes always in school that doesn't
they didn't ask him those questions the shot for space on assumptions
and then they tell you to get over it so
please spare me man don't use the guys okay
almost getting together and doing wonderful things together and how we
should use race in judge people
to then to pervert the message a Martin Luther King
to turn it on its head and they say that you should ignore
real racial problems in the country and just get beyond it
is ups serves under that logic
they were just told more looting huh
yeah we know there is racism in 1963
get over it just stay at home already
you know what rosa parks you can set the from the bus
we note exists get over it just sit in the back of the bus
we've been hearing this for 50 law years
didn't make sense then and it doesn't make sense now
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Racism Is Over In America! Just Ask Bill O'Reilly & Bobby Jindal

731 Folder Collection
張強 published on August 9, 2015
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