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  • Let’s see. If I had three hours in a public space to

  • get Taiwanese people interested in English or speaking English

  • Maybe I would have a map

  • and I could stand around looking a few, a few foreigners

  • could stand around with some maps, looking confused and lost

  • and wait for people to approach us and ask us if we need help

  • Sir, do you know the way to David’s English Center? Could you help me?

  • Mini-Chinese opera

  • Something that people would understand without even being able to understand the language because

  • it would be in English rather than Chinese.

  • Show me whatever was in their pockets,

  • and I would get them to talk about those things that are in their pockets

  • and tell me about their relationship with these objects.

  • Hi! If I were to plan an activity for an interactive English street fair,

  • I would love to introduce people to other countriesfoods and drinks,

  • maybe show everyone how to make some simple dish or simple drink.

  • I know people like to travel a lot,

  • and this might be a good way for them

  • to practice their English with people from different countries.

  • I'd sell garlic bread,

  • purely because it smells delicious,

  • and it would bring people to the stand

  • to come and talk.

  • I'm keeping it simple.

  • How’s it going?

Let’s see. If I had three hours in a public space to

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English Street Fair in Taiwan

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    阿多賓 posted on 2015/08/08
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