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  • These allegations that I have sent inappropriate pictures

  • over the internet are completely ridiculous.

  • They are levied by my political rivals

  • who are trying to embarrass me and advance their own agenda.

  • So let me be perfectly clear.

  • These allegations are false.

  • I will be vindicated.

  • - Okay, please, questions. [all speaking at once]

  • - Senator, senator. [overlapping shouting]

  • TMZ has obtained an actual photo of your genitalia.

  • They're posting it to their website as we speak.

  • They're saying you took it.

  • How do you respond?

  • [cameras clicking] - Hmm? Okay.

  • I may have sent one photo of my genitalia.

  • - All right? (reporters) Senator, senator!

  • Okay, but I assure you that's an isolated incident.

  • - It was a one-time thing. Okay? [overlapping shouting]

  • - Yes. Mark? - Senator,

  • what about the new report

  • that there are three new pictures

  • having been sent to three different women?

  • That's not a one-time thing. That's a lot of--

  • What second-rate news organization is trying to--

  • New York Times.

  • (all) Oh...oh...

  • O-- It was--it was four total.

  • - No more. That was it. [all speaking at once]

  • It was just-- It was four, and no more.

  • Questions? Yes, Amy.

  • Yes, you are sure that there were only four photos sent?

  • That's it. Four. That's all.

  • There's no more than four.

  • Then how do you explain the one you sent me?

  • - What? [all gasping]

  • Everybody please, please.

  • I'm begging you.

  • I'm begging you to forgive me for the foibles

  • and transgressions.

  • It was the reckless act of a younger man.

  • A younger man? You sent it two seconds

  • before you stepped on stage.

  • (man) Senator, senator, that's very recent.

  • Yeah, Amy,

  • last time I checked, time is still real, okay?

  • So, technically speaking... [text message dings]

  • I am much older now than I was

  • - all of those seconds ago. [all cell phones beeping]

  • - Did I just-- - Are you guys--

  • - Oh, my God, yeah. - What?

  • - What's happening right now? - I just got one.

  • [all speaking at once]

  • Senator, how are you even doing this?

  • You have no proof that I am doing anything--

  • - [all gasping] - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

  • I'm sorry. I'm sorry again.

  • I'm sorry again.

  • I'm sorry one more time.

  • Oh, wait a second.

  • You can do it, but I can't do it?

  • [overlapping shouting]

  • Get in there, get in there.

These allegations that I have sent inappropriate pictures

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Key & Peele - Sexting Scandal

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