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Hello everyone! The other day on the stream I was reading
the steamy romance novels which you can find in the game and we had such a good laugh that
I figured that all of you should know the stories. It’s about a man named Marcus that
has some...special kind of adventures within warcraft and his story is so brilliant that
it can’t just be told. You have to experience the story so we brought some friends together to bring
you the story of marcus as described within the steamy romance novels. Lets discover what
he has done in Warcraft and try to figure out who exactly he is since that’s still quite the mystery.
It’s a little bit different from what I usually do so I hope you’ll enjoy!
Our journey begins simple and yet gives a clue as to what marcus is. It’s the original steamy romance novel...
As Nahni glided up, the grizzled warrior gave her a hard stare. "I suppose you're here to
collect the reward for killing those murlocs?"
Her eyes wandered down to the glowing broadsword at his side. "That depends on what the reward
is, Marcus." She twirled her hair playfully, pretending not to notice how he shifted uncomfortably
in her presence. "I may not want it."
Marcus stepped toward her, bristling with a mixture of fear and anger. "The reward is
not negotiable!" He paused for a moment while gathering his nerve, and pressed himself against
her diminutive form. Their lips met hotly, melting her frost armor spell in a torrent
of sweltering vapor.
"So, is there another step to this quest?" she teased, her eyes glittering with excitement.

So marcus apperantly is a quest giver and he sends people away to kill some murlocs.
His rewards are a little bit different from what we recieve ingame, but it’s just the
first clue. The next story shows us what faction he belongs to, it’s A Steamy Romance Novel: Hot and Misty.
Marcus galloped on his warhorse towards the remote building, bringing an almost imperceptible
flush to one of the curvier guards as he passed. He dismounted and handed his reins to the
ever-present stablemaster, placing one hand on her shoulder before speaking.
"Kama, have you considered our last conversation?" Marcus asked, furrowing his eyebrows in mock seriousness.
Kama rolled her eyes, her Pandaren markings exaggerating the movement. "I doubt my life-mate
would think much of it." Marcus let out a bellowing laugh, looking
over his shoulder as he walked away,
"I'd still like to meet her one day!"
The Tavern in the Mists was unusually crowded, and he pushed his way through the crowd until
he stood in the shadows of a dark corner. An exotic voice purred his name, "Marcus,
it is good to see you again." Marcus smiled and squinted as his eyes adjusted
to the absence of light.
"Madam Goya, the pleasure is all mine."
She dipped in a polite bow; Marcus felt a sudden warmth as he was reminded why the term
bouncy was often used to describe the Pandaren. He bowed in kind, catching Madam Goya's hand
and kissing it gently, never shifting his gaze from the hulking bodyguard standing behind
her, a single scar between his watchful eyes. "So, Marcus, can I interest you in something...
special? I'm afraid the usual cannot be offered today." Marcus did not miss her emphasis on
'the usual', nor the deep regret that laced her words. Their eyes met once again and he
squeezed her hand before letting go.
"If that is your will, may I see what else you have to offer?"
"There are several magnificent pieces of armor, a tiny companion, and even an exotic mount,"
Madam Goya answered, her typical playfulness quickly returning. She paused and held a hand
to her chin, feigning thoughtfulness. "But my most valuable treasures are located upstairs."
Marcus's eyebrows lifted comically and his eyes widened before his expression settled
into gleeful acceptance.
"Until we meet again, then."
Her eyes fluttered and Marcus found himself walking up the stairs of the strange tavern.
Waiting in the room at the top were two beings of such beauty that he nearly stumbled on
the final step. One had long flowing hair the color of the Sunwell itself, and the other
kept her ebon hair cropped short. After several long moments of wordless, lust-filled glances,
a realization struck him: he was looking into the face of the enemy! He unsheathed his mighty
sword, bathing the blood elves in its pulsating glow.
The elf with radiant hair spoke first, "Goodness, it looks like someone is ready for battle."
She placed her hand on the tip of his sword, lowering it with gentle pressure as she crossed
in front of him, always keeping her head cocked in his direction. "Do you believe in love
at first sight? Or should I walk by again...?" Marcus leaned in close, carelessly pressing
the hardened steel against her. He whispered something quietly in her ear and pulled away,
eagerly searching her face for a reaction.
"No. No. I won't do that... but my sister will!".
The dark-haired one silently raised a single eyebrow, nodding and shrugging her delicate
shoulders at the same time. With a subtle gesture, her body glowed with an intense inner
fire, burning away what little clothing she wore. As Marcus's muscular arms wrapped around
her, she whispered something to him. A symbol, unseen by Marcus, momentarily appeared above
his head and surrounded him in a white glow.
"That... that feels amazing. What did you do?" he asked.
"Fortitude, my lord. You will need it." It was then that he noticed she was literally
levitating off the ground, weightless in his arms. His mind began to spin as countless
scenarios played out in his head. His strong hands began to...

Clearly Marcus is part of the alliance, but when it comes to love, factions mean little.
They set the war aside for a moment and engulfed themselves in what ever was shrouded by the
mists. Marcus doesn’t confine himself to factions nor does he just share his love with
those born on his planet. That story is told within A Steamy Romance Novel: Blue Moon
Tail swooshing and hips swaying, the curvy figure walked purposefully across the lake
toward the man resting by the shore; rising quickly as she approached, he appeared visibly
happy to be in her presence. Blue arms flowed over his shoulders as a smooth tail coiled
seductively around his waist. "Why must I travel so far to be meeting man like you?"
Her voice carried a strong, alluring accent.
Grinning wildly, he gently pushed her away, openly staring as the light caught her features.
"Up here!", she exclaimed in playful anger.
With a helpless shrug, he reached into his pack and pulled out a small pouch.
"My wonderful Soola, I've brought you something." Confidence wrapped his words like a steel
blanket. She plucked the tiny bag from his hands, excitedly
pulling it open and revealing a citrine pendant.
"Oh... Marcus, you shouldn't have."
The usual teasing was gone from his voice, "Every facet lights the sky, and my heart,
with your beautiful reflection."
Soola frowned. "Uh... no. I meant you really shouldn't have. I could craft something better by accident."
For the first time, possibly ever, Marcus looked hurt. His shoulders slumped slightly,
the cocky, ever-present grin missing from his handsome face.
Soola opened her mouth to speak, smiling warmly; a glowing rune appeared above her eyes.
"I don't think I can mend your feelings, even with my Gift."
Despite the statement, her words seemed to do the trick. Marcus smirked roguishly as
he adjusted his leg plates, "Well you aren't the only gifted one."
Silence penetrated the room with palpable force as the conversation shifted to the language
shared by all races of Azeroth.
Minutes became hours, until their passionate dialog was interrupted by lightning streaking
from the cloudless sky, thunderously slamming into the lake's surface and bathing them in steam.
"Is something wrong?"
"No my Marcus, you're just off to a great start..."
The remaining pages have been thoroughly destroyed by the elements.
The Draenei Soola was one of the few able to shake marcus his confidence, but her gift
of the naaru was able to mend his pride. As I was reading these stories on stream I couldn’t
believe that they were all about one guy, all about Marcus until I came acros the next
story and a glimmer of hope rose up. It’s A Steamy Romance Novel: Big Brass Bombs
The tough little goblin walked purposefully into the engineering shop, raising her eyebrows
at a few items as she approached the shopkeeper.
"How's it going, Jack?" Her voice seductively brushed his pointy ears with the rough texture
of someone who inhaled too much motorcycle exhaust.
The goblin called Jack looked up and grinned. "Revi! It's going much better since you just
arrived." Jack set his arclight spanner on the table. "What can I do ya for?"
Holding her elbow in one hand, Revi tapped her chin lightly. "I'm not real sure. Ya got any specials?"
"Are you kidding? I've got the best deals anywhere!"
"Just got these in this morning, in all sorts of colors. Small red rockets, got some in
blue and green too." Revi's disappointed look was not missed by the expert shopkeeper, and
he quickly upped the ante. There was a loud 'thud' as Jack dropped something on the table,
"I call it The Big One," he said. "It's goblin only, very difficult to find."
"Nice, very nice," Revi said, sounding unconvinced. Her eyes wandered a bit.
"Okay, fine. I can see you're a goblin of superb taste." Jack looked around conspiratorially
before carefully laying out a new item, buckling the table with an ominous creak. "It's called..."
Jack paused for dramatic effect, "The Bigger One!"
Revi's eyes widened in surprise. "Is that... is it... real?"
Feeling the advantage, Jack allowed himself to relax a bit. Putting his hands behind his
head and leaning back in his chair, he replied with lazily narrowed eyes, "It's 100% goblin
parts, baby. Natural resources." After a moment of hesitation, Revi reached
out and gingerly stroked the smooth yellow surface. "I'll take two!"
"Excellent! You know, if you like that, you might be interested in some hardened adamantite
tubes. They can enhance the effect."
Revi nodded excitedly and looked behind Jack at something on the wall. "What is that?"
"Oh, those are for reviving dead people."
"Can they be used on someone while they're still alive?"
Never wanting to miss a sale, Jack responded without missing a beat, "Oh sure! Tell you
what. You get all this stuff, and I'll throw in a pair of mayhem projection goggles for half the price!"
Revi pulled out a sack of coins that made Jack drool. "Why not? Motorcycle sales have
been good this year."
As Jack quickly tallied the total, he asked, "This must be one serious raid or somethin'?"
"Nah, I got a blind date with a guy named Marcus tonight."
"What about that guy from the motor club you was datin'?"
The leather-clad goblin scooped up her bag with one arm, and held up an outstretched
hand. "He never put a ring on it. A girl's gotta have her priorities."
Jack smiled and shook his head as he watched her walk out of the shop.
So close, we were so close to getting a story without marcus but nope, the goblin Revi was
getting ready for her date and the toys will probably make it very, very interesting.
Marcus gets even freakier in the next story... A Steamy Romance Novel: Forbidden Love
Ah'tusa crept silently through the massive underground tunnel, nervously looking over
her shoulder in anticipation of the fast moving tram. "Where is he..." she muttered angrily,
stopping suddenly as something moved behind her. Her eyes narrowed dangerously as her
dagger slid from its sheath.
A husky voice echoed in the hollow chamber, "I thought rogues liked to be behind their target."
She spun quickly, driving her blade into a shield of impenetrable force.
"And I thought paladins were supposed to be chaste." she replied with a confident smirk.
Leaning forward, she counted out loud until the invisible bubble dissipated with an audible pop.
"Twelve seconds? I know you have abilities that last longer than that."
Bony fingers worked effortlessly beneath his armor, unlatching his breastplate and exposing
him to the cold air. "Don't worry my sweet Marcus, that's not a finishing move tonight...
I'm just getting started." He wrapped his arms around what remained of her waist, forcing
an excited giggle as he nibbled at her neck vertebrae.

You should have seen the shock on my face when I realised that Ah’tusa was actually
a forsaken. I guess everything goes in Warcraft and now we also know what class Marcus is,
a paladin, and considering what he’s up to that might be a very good thing. A paladin
always brings his own hand of protection, but that’s not the only way Marcus uses the light for..uhm... shall we say his love?
That story can be found within A Steamy Romance Novel: Northern Exposure
The tiny gnome peered over the railing into the secluded Dalaran courtyard.
"The view from the balcony is amazing. You have to come see!"
Armor legplates creaked as Marcus walked over, taking in a deep breath as he absently scratched
his scruffy chin.
"The Hero's Welcome is no slouch. And there's something in the room that might interest you."
Tavi bounded into the room, pausing only a moment before jumping onto the massive bed.
She turned to gaze at Marcus with her huge saucer-like eyes, narrowing them playfully
and replacing her glowing smile with a diabolical grin.
"Interested in some more company?" she purred as her hands weaved through a complex summoning
ritual, stopping only when she felt the warmth of a new presence behind her.
All color drained from Marcus's face as he struggled to protest.
"I... I don't think that's appropriate."
Confused, Tavi turned to see what was wrong. A hideous fel hound stood ready, drooling
onto the floor as it stared intently at the half-armored paladin.
"No! No that's not what I meant." she stammered as she dispelled the hungry demon. "I'm sorry,
that's not really my specialty...." Marcus took both her hands in one of his as he reassured her,
"It's fine. What is your specialization?"
Her head snapped up, eyes burning with renewed life as shadowy energy channeled through her
hands into Marcus, dropping him to his knees in agony.
"Affliction, actually." Gritting his teeth, Marcus gestured as light
flashed over him, restoring his strength.
Tavi stared anxiously as he rose to his full height, engulfing her in his shadow. He thrust
his hand forward, sending a wave of righteous force through her. Eyes rolled back as she
wavered for several seconds before regaining consciousness.
"I've recently taken the path of... retribution."
The mischievous smirk returned to her face, "Well then, this is going to be fun."

A warlock and a paladin, I can’t imagine what fun they might have had. A little while
ago some of you askt if there were any gay couples to be found within Warcraft and at
the time I thought we had a few suggested, but none confirmed. That all changed when
I read this final story: A Steamy Romance Novel: Savage Passions...Savage....
A trail of dust followed the once-white stallion as he galloped through the garrison gates,
stopping abruptly at the stables. Raven, the stable master, rushed to the weary mount and rider.
"Lord Marcus, let me help." Raven's strong, tanned arm took the rider's hand in his own,
pulling him off in a quick, smooth motion. He did not immediately let go, staring in
disbelief at the paladin's heavily stained armor.
Seeing concern on the man's face, Marcus clasped his shoulder and smiled warmly.
"Fear not old friend, only a little of it is my own."
Raven hugged him fiercely. "That is good to hear!"
"Yes, yes. I'm fine! The journey was long, and often hard, but I have returned victorious!"
Marcus exclaimed as he pulled a bulging sack from beneath his armor, placing it gingerly
in Raven's rough, steady hands.
The inquisitive stable master cupped the bag, squeezing gently to discern the contents without
unwrapping the package.
"Don't be coy, you know what's in there. But I have something even better for you."
Marcus said with a knowing smile.
Raven closed his eyes. He held out his hands and spoke calmly, "Give it to me, please."
His arms flexed slightly as he felt something heavy, strangely warm, and smooth along its
length. "Oh, this is, hmm... familiar... okay, yes, I know that part... an enchanted sword!"
Raven released the glowing weapon from one hand, letting it swing in front of him.
Marcus looked down and raised his eyebrows. "I'm glad you like it. Certainly not the first one you've held?"
"Never one like this." Raven replied with a wink.
"We need to work on that grip, it's too tight. Perhaps you have time for some practice?"
Marcus asked, peering into Raven's dark brown eyes.
Raven grinned. "I'll go tie up your horse..."

And that’s the last steamy romance novel, that’s story of Marcus. Now the question remains:
who is marcus and honestly we have no idea. In the past people speculated
that this story was about marcus Jonathan, an npc you could find infront of stormwind
but he’s been blown up with the bombing of theramore. The stories continieus even
after the bombing, like the one with madam goya so it seems unlikely that this is our
guy. All we know is that he’s a male human paladin that doesn’t shy away from sharing
his love with the world. Who knows what else or I should say who else marcus might do in
the future, but for now his story is done.
Thank you very much for watching everyone! I hope you had as much fun watching the video
as we had making it because...Damn! This was one hell of a project, but it was also so
much fun. I want to give proper credit for all of of those who worked on the video:
First of all we have Khayllys, who pretty much made the entire video. All the graphics,
all the machinima, all of this what you see on the screen...It’s from her hands and
I think she did a brilliant job. Bringing such a story to life is no easy task and on
the screen I’ll link one of her videos, this is the story of the Barov family, which
all of you lore lovers outthere will probably enjoy.
Next we have Alex from Fatboss as our hero Marcus. Fatbosstv mostly does guides for Youtube,
but they also have a brilliant and fun stream which you can find over at the Twitch.
SilverLetomi, Sharm and PvPGURL Gigi are mostly known for their songs on Youtube. Some are
parodies, some are originals, but all of them are a great listen. Some of the ladies also
stream over at Twitch so make sure to check the description for their links and I’ll
place a few examples of their videos on the screen.
Finally we have Nixxiom and Kavo. Nixxiom does some amazing machinimas. Sometimes they’re
funny, sometimes they’re beautiful, but they’re always great. While Kavo, he’s
done some brilliant parody songs, but he also does Vlogs and gameplay.
All of the links to their Youtube channels, their Twitch channels, their Twitter, their
Facebook, all the places where you can find them on the internet...They’re linked down
below. I’ve had a ton of fun working with each
and everyone of them... It was...
This is something entirely new for me right? so it was brilliant to do it with this group
and I hope you might enjoy their channels or enjoy their stuff after checking out some
of the links. You might find your new favorite Youtuber outthere... I surely hope so!
Right everyone. This brings us to the end of the video so once again, thank you very
much for watching and I truly hope you enjoyed. If you did, please make sure to share the
video around, leave a lovely comment for the team and have a great week everyone.
Until next time guys....see ya!
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The Story of Marcus (Steamy Romance Novels) - [Warcraft Lore]

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Sonny Lin published on August 4, 2015
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