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  • Nothin' like the great outdoors, huh, pop ? No.

  • Pop, can we talk, teenager to teenager ?

  • See, I met this girl. She's pretty special.

  • She's moving out of the hood in a couple of days, and I'm thinking about going with her.

  • [ scoffs ] man, who is this girl ?

  • Her name's dashiki. Dashiki from over there on penetration avenue ?

  • Oh, come on, pop ! Don't tell me you slept with her too.

  • Oh, no, no. It ain't nothin' like that, son.

  • She sure could suck a dick, though. What ?

  • Oh, nothing, son. Go ahead. Tell me about this girl.

  • Anyway, I think I'm in love.

  • So, what ? You knockin' boobs yet ?

  • Yeah. Hold on.

  • You use a condom ?

  • No.

  • Good ! That's my boy ! That's my boy !

  • Yo, never use condoms, son. They take away all the feelin'.

  • Yeah. Only thing is, now she's pregnant.

  • - I don't know what to do. - [ scoffs ] man, look.

  • Let me give you the same advice my father gave me, all right ?

  • Give up hope. Look at me. Dreams are for suckers.

  • Ain't no future for you.

  • And don't think about gettin' no job, tray,

  • 'cause a black man ain't got no place in the work force.

  • So let me get this straight.

  • What you trying to say is, don't get caught up in the white man's system...

  • Of self-perpetuating unemployment...

  • And wind up trying to survive on welfare checks and food stamps, right ?

  • Wrong, man ! Hell, ain't nothing wrong with no welfare check.

  • That's called free money. Hell, our family survived six generations on it.

  • Thanks, pop.

  • You always know what to say, man. I thought you knew, boy.

  • My boy tray. Gettin' himself some sex.

  • Yeah.

  • See, man, right over here. Gettin' locked up in the city ain't the same.

Nothin' like the great outdoors, huh, pop ? No.

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Don't Be a Menace (11/12) Movie CLIP - Dreams are for Suckas (1996) HD

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