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  • Hello? [cans clink]

  • Yeah, come on in. Jesus.

  • Is this one of your guys here?

  • About three fire hazards over here.

  • What are you doing, man?

  • Wow, cheese...

  • Is that you?

  • Hello, mitch... Bernard.

  • I see you guys haven't changed much.

  • Who is this?

  • Remember cheese, rodney's kid brother?

  • Actually, my name isn't cheese anymore.

  • It's gordon pritchard.

  • Oh, yeah! Cheese!

  • Didn't we lock you in a dumpster one time?

  • I got out.

  • Cool, man. I'm glad you did.

  • You fellas have a good time last night?

  • Yeah, I think there might be

  • Some whippits lying around if you want them.

  • No, thanks. I'm working.

  • Working what? Campus patrol?

  • [scoffing] try again.

  • You a jehovah's witness?

  • I'm the dean. Dean pritchard.

  • That's great. Yeah.

  • As of this morning, this house has been rezoned.

  • It is now exclusively for campus use only.

  • What are you talking about? You can't just do that.

  • I've already paid the first and last month's rent!

  • Take a look at that.

  • You have a week to vacate,

  • And I thank you for your cooperation.

  • Great. Can I ask you a question?

  • Absolutely not. It's been good seeing you guys.

  • It looks like you're doing great.

Hello? [cans clink]

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