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Hello #NinjaArmy, it's Emily here.
And today i thought i would share with you my top three favourite apps for studying Japanese.
This weekend I'm taking the JLPT the highest level that you can take.
So the first level.
And I am literally freaking out because I know I'm not going to pass,
but i will use this experience in the weekend like a practice run
for the test that I will take in the future that I know that I could possibly pass.
So to cram for that test i have three apps that i really really really recommend.
The first app that I really really really recommend is called ‘imiwa’.
It is a Japanese to English dictionary, but this one is really really good and has some awesome features.
You can search words in English, romaji, hiragana, katakana or kanji.
If you click on the word you have searched you can scroll down and find the kanji associated with it.
If you click on that it will give you all the details on that kanji and show you how to write it.
When you search a verb, you can actually click on that verb
and it will give you a list on how to conjugate it
into the many different forms needed for certain grammatical points.
Which i think is really helpful because sometimes struggle with this myself.
Some other features include flashcard list, kanji search by radicals, stroke count, JLPT lists and a text analyser.
Which is really helpful for long texts.
The second app that I recommend is called memrise.
Memrise is a flash card app with options to create your own flashcards or to download ones created by other users.
Not only do they have Japanese, but they have literally any language that you would like to learn.
First off it will show you some of the words that are in the list and quiz them on you.
You get points for how well you remember the words and how often you review them.
You can also create memes to help you remember words that you are struggling with.
There are many similar apps like this but what sets memrise apart is that it is more interactive.
There are weekly and monthly leader boards and competitions so that you can verse friends.
Not only is memrise an app, it's also an internet website too.
Which I thought really useful when I was teaching in Australia.
I set up my own set of flash cards my class to use.
Which they could access using the Internet and the computers at school.
and it really created a great sense of healthy competition between students
while they were having fun studying and learning together.
The third app that I recommend is just called N1 JLPT.
but they have all the different levels available in the app store.
What's really good about this app is that focuses on three main areas of the JLPT:
Kanji, Vocab and Grammar.
In the kanji and vocab sections you can choose how many words want to study and how long you want to study them for.
In the grammar section there is a huge list of grammar that you will come across studying that level of the JLPT.
And if you click on one of the grammar points you are struggling with it will give you numerous examples on how to use that particular grammar point.
I will link all of the information for these apps in the description below.
And if you are studying for the N1 JLPT I will leave a link below to my current list of flashcards.
Hopefully you will come and join me on memrise and we can have a bit of a competition.
So they were my 3 favorite Japanese studying apps.
If you use any other apps that you think I should know of please let me know in the comments below.
I'm always open to finding and trying interesting apps.
I hope that you enjoyed this video and that it was helpful, if you did please give it a thumbs up.
I will see you guys next time bye!
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My Top 3 Japanese Language Study Apps - 私のトップ3日本語の勉強アプリ // emilylouisemaitland ♡

10842 Folder Collection
Yummy Japan published on July 26, 2015
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