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  • Turn around.

  • Go like this.

  • You're okay.

  • Give me a bite of that corn dog.

  • What about germs?

  • Put a rubber on it.

  • Get on.

  • (Frosty) Don't you wear him out.

  • He's got to work tonight.

  • What a great place.

  • [burping]

  • You know, you can tell so much about a person

  • from the way they live.

  • Just looking around here,

  • l can tell you're a genuinely dirty person.

  • What do l do with this?

  • Oh, you keep it there.

  • [sighing]

  • Where's your garbage?

  • Do you know what l'd like to do?

  • What?

  • Guess your weight.

  • Hey, that would be interesting for me.

  • No one has tried to guess my weight.

  • You see, l guess their weights. It'd be sort--

  • Put your arms up.

  • This will give me a whole different perspective on this.

  • (Navin) Hey, you're really trying to be accurate.

  • ls it getting hot in here?

  • [gasping]

  • Wait a minute!

  • What's happening to my special purpose?

  • What's your ''special purpose''?

  • Well, when l was a kid,

  • my mom told me that was my special purpose

  • and someday l'd find out what that special purpose was.

  • Today's the day!

  • [panting]

  • [Navin panting]

  • Hey, this is like a--a ride.

  • [both laughing]

  • ''My Dear Family, guess what?

  • ''Today l found out what my special purpose is for.

  • ''Gosh, what a great time l had.

  • ''l wish the whole family could have been here with me.

  • ''Maybe some other time

  • ''as l intend to do this a lot

  • ''every chance l get.

  • ''l think next week l'll be able to send more money

  • ''as l may have extra work.

  • ''My friend Patty promised me a blowjob.

  • Your lovin' son, Navin.''

  • And he's got the kisses here.

Turn around.

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The Jerk (8/10) Movie CLIP - Navin's Special Purpose (1979) HD

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