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Did you know you were going 65?... Okay 55. Hi I'm Coach Collin Catellaw and this is the
Post Reverse Pivot Move. The Post Reverse Pivot Move is a phenomenal move that every
player should have in their game. It starts with an entry pass from the perimeter where
you are catching two feet in the air. You want to catch with two feet in the air because
if you catch 1-2 you can only pivot one direction and you want to keep your options open as
a post player. So you catch two feet in the air, from here all you are going to do is
pick a foot to pivot on, in this case I'm going to use my left, I'm going to go towards
the baseline. You are going to do a reverse pivot where you are following your behind
around and ripping it through towards the baseline. Now the key to this move is to make
it really really quick so when you catch you rip the ball through below your knees and
explode to a jump stop going back to the baseline. The quicker you are and the faster you rip
it through the better the move is going to be and the more off guard it will catch your
defender. Alright let's see how Tim Duncan gets his defenders with this move. Tim starts
the reverse pivot to see where his defenders feet are at. He sees that Gasols front foot
is really high and vulnerable to a rip through. So Tim just continues his reverse pivot and
rips the ball through to get his hips by Gasols. It is too quick for Gasol to drop his front
foot and get back into position. And now you know how to scorch your defender with Tim
Duncan's Reverse Pivot. Hit the subscription button in the bottom right hand corner to
stay connected. Or you can also stay connected by checking out our free skills website Shot
Mechanics.com. Also let us know what move you want to see in the comments section down
below. You guys have been so awesome helping us grow so keep spreading the word and hopefully
we can build this Shot Mechanics Nation! Again I'm coach Collin Castellaw, thanks for watching
and I hope you enjoyed!
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Tim Duncan Post Reverse Pivot Move: NBA Basketball Moves

1427 Folder Collection
游子緯 published on July 23, 2015
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