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  • Here’s a question: If you could extend your life 3 years, just by running 7 minutes a

  • day - would you do it?

  • Hey guys, Tara here for Dnews - and I’ll admit it: I’m not a runner. I tried to run

  • a half-marathon back in 2008, but then I injured my knee and it all went to hell. So imagine

  • my surprise, when a new study pops up this week in the Journal of the American College

  • of Cardiology - that says you don’t have to go the distance, to reap the benefits of

  • running. Turns out, all it takes - is 7 minutes a day!

  • The article shares the results of a 15-year-long cohort study of over 55,000 adults, to see

  • whether running could reduce someone’s risk of death from anything - not just heart disease.

  • Now because it is a cohort study, it can’t technically conclude that running is what

  • causes the reduced risk of death - but the correlation is there, and it paints a pretty

  • clear picture.

  • People who run, even in modest amounts, of 51 minutes a week - were found to have a 45%

  • reduction in the risk of cardiovascular-related death, and a 30% overall reduction in any

  • type of death, compared to non-runners. This means that, on average, running can increase

  • someone’s life expectancy by about three years.

  • Now 51 minutes a week, or about 7 minutes a day - isn’t exactly a tall order. But

  • the study also took other factors into account - like distance, and speed - and found that

  • even they don’t make much of a difference at all. Even a light jog can significantly

  • reduce one’s mortality risk. Although they did find that persistent runners - people

  • who do it regularly - had the best outcomes, with an average 50% reduction in cardiovascular-related

  • deaths, and 29% reduction in overall mortality.

  • Pretty impressive. Although it is worth noting that while certain things were adjusted for

  • - like age, smoking, alcohol consumption, and family history of heart disease - diet

  • was not adjusted for, which can have a pretty big influence on someone’s health status.

  • Researchers also note that while it is a big study, most of the people who participated

  • were white, middle-to-upper class adults. So it’s not totally clear how their results

  • apply to other populations.

  • In any case, it’s still promising to know that even the most minimal amount of exercise

  • can have positive effects on your health. And hopefully, thatll encourage some of

  • us - myself included - to not be so intimidated by the thought of working out. I’m sure

  • all of us out there would agree that 7 minutes a day - is something we can all make time for.

  • What do you guys think? Is exercise less scary to you now? Let us know your thoughts in the

  • comments below, and as always - thank you guys for watching!

Here’s a question: If you could extend your life 3 years, just by running 7 minutes a

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