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  • Brain games promise to enhance your mind with stimulating fun. So what’s to stop some

  • maniac from downloading all of them, getting a sidekick named Pinky, and taking over the

  • world? As it turns outBrain games.

  • Hello minecraft enthusiasts, Julian here for DNews. Computer-based cognitive-training

  • software, or brain games, are a growing market with over 10 thousand in the app store. They

  • promise boosted problem-solving abilities that will be long lasting. They claim to help

  • sustain your memory in your twilight years. Some even say they can make you good at math!

  • All in exchange for few minutes of play a day.

  • But nearly 70 scientists have signed an open letter from the Stanford Center for Longevity

  • saying theyre not so sure. The letter explains that playing these brain games does make you

  • better at something; playing brain games. The same way that playing a lot of flappy

  • bird makes you better at unbridled rage! But getting better at a very specific task doesn’t

  • translate to broad cognitive improvements.

  • The letter also explains that when players get better at a game, usually it’s because

  • theyve developed a better strategy, and I can attest firsthand to that. One of my

  • favoritebrain gamesinvolves combining numbered tiles to get the highest score. I

  • only got that damn 2048 tile when I changed up my strategy, not by playing so much my

  • planning and spatial reasoning improved.

  • But surely playing these games can’t hurt right? Well the letter goes on to explain

  • that the time spent playing these games could be better used doing things known to promote

  • a healthy brain. Things like reading, exercise, or being sociable. So the opportunity cost

  • of playing a repetitive game with narrow benefits may make them not worth your time.

  • If you’d like to learn about more myths about your brain, like the oft-quoted stat

  • that we use 10% of it, Anthony has a video on that here.

  • How are you making your brain healthier? What do you do to get it jump-started? Let us know

  • in the comments, and I’ll see you next time on DNews

Brain games promise to enhance your mind with stimulating fun. So what’s to stop some

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